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The Joy Of Conquering Tobacco

Joy In Conquering Tobacco

Tobacco is a horrible addiction. There are few resources that really help. You’re almost better off taking addiction to a drug that will completely incapacitate quicker. The world understands the fast rate of dying from heroin or cocaine because of the quick disabling effects, but smoking is a slow death so it gets less immediate attention.

The world’s approach to smoking is to nag you out of it. That’s not entirely bad, but that alone doesn’t do much. One only has their own motivations and desires with some crutches like nicotine replacements(gum, patches, etc.) to break the grip.

Store selling tobacco, alcohol, and lottery.
No thanks. Nothing there for me.

I tried many times to quit. I lost count. Probably the about the 10th time was the one that took. I suffered through the entire suggested length of the NicoDerm nicotine patch program. I had a reaction to them, but just kept placing them in new spots. A box would get used and a lower nicotine dose would be used for the next box. The program worked for me, but every lower dose was misery.

There are ill effects from smoking even after a year, but every so often I notice easier breathing and other positive health effects. I gained willpower! I use this with other areas of life now.

Yes, I gained weight and I struggle with that, but I’ll overcome this too.

What is really nice though is when I pass any place that sells tobacco and I don’t give them my money. ¬†Gambling, tobacco, alcohol, etc. All the vices kind of blend together. They appeal to our weaknesses in one way or another.

The nicotine addiction was only one part of the addiction. The ability overcome self-destructive behavior and anxiety was the other. The advertising that maims and kills is revealed once you overcome it. The people responsible, including yourself, are revealed to you once you’re released from the grip of addiction. The joy of this knowledge and knowing that you overcame them is as sweet as any great victory.