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Abandoned Tire Store

Abandoned Tire Store In Zanesville, Ohio

When you look around the Putnam Historic District in Zanesville, Ohio, you can see history in different stages. From the beginning of the state, to present.

This tire store is an odd duck in the area, but you can see recent history here. This was probably a good business at one time. It would have been the tire specialty types of stores of the 80’s and 90’s. They replaced the gas stations where tires were replaced before this.

Abandoned tire store in Zanesville, Ohio.
Abandoned tire store in Zanesville, Ohio.

Time goes on, things change.

It’s Sad To See A Motorcycle Abandoned In The Snow

Abandoned motorcycle in the snow
Abandoned. Why?

It makes you wonder what went wrong? Is the owner sick? Jailed?

It is a really said sight to see a bike just sitting in the snow like this. It makes you feel fortunate that your own bikes aren’t suffering the ┬ásame fate. Sure they’re just replaceable machines, but most are so beloved that you can only guess something bad has happened to this bike’s owner.

Exploring The Abandoned HPM Building

I’m old enough and smart enough to know that entering an abandoned factory could be a really bad idea. There is no telling what is in there or if the law will charge you with breaking and entering. There are many things that can happen, so even though it’s trendy on YouTube channels, I wouldn’t do it.

Just looking at the outside from a safe distance though, I’ll do that. It’s interesting what you can find. In this case, it was the old HPM factory near Mount Gilead, Ohio. This place may still be functioning as a warehouse or at some low level, but for the most part, it’s dead.

HPM stood for “Hydraulic Press Manufacturing” and the company started in 1877. I remember going there as a boy in the 70’s when my Dad worked there for a short period.

Watching how nature takes over anything man builds is interesting. That’s what caught my eye when I passed this place while out riding my motorcycle. I noticed the missing windows right off. The roof’s probably leaking too. That will speed up the rot and decay in any structure.

The abandoned HPM factory in Mount Gilead, Ohio.
The abandoned HPM factory in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

This stop sign for incoming trucks at the guard shack is still good enough warning for me. I’m not going further in. I’ll take my photos from outside of the gate.

An old stop sign.
Old stop sign at the guard shack.

My motorcycle was parked out by the road, but it’s nice to know they gave the option back in the day. Least they could do for the low pay this place was reputed to have.

Abandoned motorcycle parking spots.
Abandoned motorcycle parking.

This arrangement of the no trespassing sign with a zip tied cosmetic mirror and scrub brush still puzzles me. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s just random and means nothing or it’s some sort of homeless code to others.

Mirror, scrub, brush, and a cord next to a no trespassing sign.
Odd collection of stuff zip tied to the fence.

The flower below is called fleabane. It was once rumored to ward of fleas and pests. Today, I’ve heard that it’s a sign of contaminants in the soil and that it helps start the process of cleansing the soil. It’s one tough flower as it grows right through the asphalt.

Fleabane flowers.
Fleabane flower breaking through asphalt at an abandoned parking lot.

When I stepped in front of this security camera, it was about a minute later the police showed up. I wouldn’t guess it to still be in operation, but there’s a possibility.

Front of abandoned HPM Factory in Mount Gilead, Ohio
Front door of the abandoned HPM factory.

The police and a large sedan that I would assume to be a caretaker or owner showed up right when I lowered the camera to take a photo of this old tire tread that I found interesting.

An old tire.
An old tire that saved me from further questioning by the police.

The police officer was nice enough. I explained that I was just an amateur photographer and showed him the photos. I explained that I wasn’t out to touch a thing and that it would be a little tough to steal anything because I was on my motorcycle. I also pointed out that I hadn’t went past any no trespassing signs.

The civilian though – that was funny. He was screaming to the point he didn’t make any sense. I pointed to the rotten old tires and asked if he’d had any trouble with complaints about mosquitoes or anything. I told him he might want to be careful because a complaint like that could open up a can of worms around this mess. He shut up.

The officer told me to have a nice day and good luck with the photos I took. I rode away laughing at my first “abandoned building” shoot and how it went wrong right away. I still might try another one sometime. If I’m calling you for bail, this is most likely what went wrong.

Don’t get me wrong here on building exploration. This is not a primary interest of mine. I hesitated to put this out because I know I’ll get many┬ámessages telling me where every abandoned building in Ohio is. This is NOT what I do. If you tell me where abandoned buildings are in hopes of reading my adventure of it, you’re wasting our time. Video cameras are cheap though, don’t let me steal the limelight. Take a video of your adventure in these places instead and send me the link to enjoy!