CANADAIR CL-600-2B16 At Knox County Ohio Airport

I still look in awe when I see aircraft like this Canadair CL-600-2B16 landing in the airport in the middle of the cornfields in Knox County, Ohio. It makes me wonder who has this much money and with enough interest in Knox County to fly into this little airport. This plane had just arrived from Washington D.C.

Canadiar CL-600-2B16 At Knox County, Ohio Airport


Tomatoes And Peppers Are Booming This Year

I’ve got plans for a bigger garden next year, but for 2013, I’m just having fun experimenting in my old dog kennel. This year, I started about 50 pepper plants and 50 tomato plants in my window sill. I spaced them as far apart as I could, but with this many, I’m sure it’s closer than you’re supposed to.

With all of the rain that we’ve been having, my little garden has exploded.

Old Dog Kennel Used To Plant Peppers And Tomatoes
My Tomatoes And Peppers Are Booming

Old WACO Biplane At Wynkoop Airport In Mount Vernon, Ohio.

I’ve made it to quite a few WACO club fly-ins in Mount Vernon, Ohio, so I’m letting the weather deter me this year. I did stop out last night to get a few shots. I nearly sank my van in the mud, so that’s about all the excitement I needed to find something else to do. If I’d never been to one of these fly-in’s I would have stayed regardless.

Here’s a shot that I did get in between rain storms.

Biplane at Wynkoop Airport In Mount Vernon, Ohio.
Biplane At WACO Fly-in In Mount Vernon, Ohio. 


Staple Gun Lessons

Staple Gun Lessons

I learned some hard lessons about staple guns.

  • Don’t buy any brand unless you’re sure you can find the staples it requires. I bought a high dollar Craftsman years ago, used it once, and never found staples for it again. Arrow staples are the most common from what I’ve found.
  • Only use staples made by the manufacturer of your staple gun. Any others will jam and possible ruin the gun.
  • Buy a little heavier than what you think you need. The T50 size tends to handle most tough jobs. Only buy smaller if you know that’s all you need.
  • Try a hand stapler before buying pneumatic. You’d be surprised what a heavy manual gun can do.
  • Don’t loan them out. No matter how much you explain, people will try to feed whatever staples they find through them and you’ll have to take it apart and clean it out to get it working again. Staple guns are cheap. Tell them to just buy an Arrow and be done with it.
  • Watch this YouTube video if you’re having trouble sorting things out.

Hot Air Balloon Festival At Coshocton, Ohio.

In my attempts to find something interesting everyday, yesterday led me to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Coshocton, Ohio. The night viewing of the balloons glowing yielded some interesting photos.

Crew readies hot air balloon.
Air being heated in hot air balloon.
Burners fire up hot air in balloon.
Gas burners in a hot air balloon.
Propane burners in a hot air balloon.
2 burners fire up hot air balloon.
Firing up with both burners.

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