Just A Sparrow

Sparrow In The Spring Rain

A sparrow from my front yard. Caught the mood of the day for me anyhow. It rained this morning and birds were all over at a furious pace feeding on worms and grubs. I watched them through the winter and they were usually feeding on berries and vegetation. Fun watching them feed on the easy bounty of a warm spring rain.

sparrow on twig


Buckeye Lake At Night With Full Moon

My attempts at night photography over the years have only yielded a few results that I’m proud of. Night photography is an art form that takes a while to get the results that you’re looking for. This night photo of a full moon over Buckeye Lake, Ohio is getting closer to what I’m after.

Full Moon Over Buckeye Lake in Ohio.

The Technical Stuff

To take this shot, I had the choice between a cell phone, a Canon G15, and a Canon SX50HS. The cell phone was out of the question, I didn’t like what I seen through the G15’s viewer, but the SX50 had the right look, so I went with it. I got out the tripod(shots like this are out of the question without one) and started testing different settings. I ended up getting what I wanted with a 13 second exposure, F8 aperture, manual focus set to infinity, and an ISO of 80.

I processed the photo with Photoshop and Nik Software. There was a huge problem with a “banding” effect that I need to look up a resolve to later. The adjustments had to be slight or I’d get these really bad looking bands of color all over the sky area.

Johnstown, Ohio Photos Added

On my way to take some photographs of Delaware County for the next county in the Ohio County Photo Project, I stopped to take a few in Johnstown, Ohio. Johnstown is a small town on the far west side of Licking County. I have many pictures of Licking County, but had not included Johnstown before now.

Johnstown, Ohio downtown clock.
There are so many of these clocks in downtown locations across Ohio, but this one of the better done setups. 

Green Peppers Are In The Ground

I put the peppers in the ground today as the weather was perfect and the plants were more than ready. I started the peppers from seed over a month ago. This is a first, both starting in a container from seed and planting peppers.

Peppers planted 18 May, 2013. 
If you haven’t started your garden, now is the time to do it in Ohio for quite a few plants. I use sproutrobot.com to tell me the best time to plant.

It’s fun to watch the miracle of plant growth from the start. It happens all around us, all of the time, but it’s different when you have a hand in it. Like anything worthwhile, you have to tend to them diligently, expect some losses, and hope to enjoy the fruits of your labor when it’s time.

I’ve got tomatoes and a bunch of other things planned for the garden this year. My focus is going to be on expanding and improving the areas that I have. I started the hobby last year and I enjoyed so much that I’m going to continue with it.

It’s A Good Day To Start A New Blog

Last night my website crashed for the last time. I could fix it, but choose not to. The old way that I was doing things didn’t fit with what I really want to do with my website, take photos and write. Out with the old that requires constant monitoring, securing, expense, and configuration.

I’ve long wondered if “cloud” computing could live up to the hype. I’ll give it a try by abandoning my shared hosting website and trying the Google cloud.

Newark, Ohio courthouse
Newark, Ohio Courthouse On a May Afternoon

 My blog has been running since 2006, so this will be another major iteration in the progress of the blog. I’ll put some of the best posts from the old blog as time goes by.

The new blog will focus on life in Central Ohio, photography, and motorcycles. These are the things I enjoy writing about the most.

A Journal Of Photography, Motorcycles, And Other Cool Things