Honda Goldwing F6B At 10,000 Miles

Honda Goldwing F6B Next To Old Building
My Honda Goldwing F6B At 10,000 Miles

Goldwing F6B Problems At 10,000 Miles

At 10,000 miles, the front brakes are grabbing hard, the front end wobble is worse, and the front tire is worn out already. I’m not happy. It’s time to take it in and see what the problems are.

Other than these problems, it’s a very comfortable ride.

Birds At Dawes Arboretum

Just A Few Of The Birds And Butterflies At Dawes Arboretum

Today I took my lunch at Dawes Arboretum. What a great Spring day to take a few minutes observing wildlife. I went to the newer swamp area today and the birds were very active.

The Butterflies

I don’t know how one can look at a butterfly and not want to photograph it. They are graceful, delicate, beauty. It seems that they are all a unique piece of artwork.

Butterfly with orange and black markings.
An orange and black butterfly.
Black and blue butterfly.
Butterfly with black and blue markings.

Dawes Arboretum Has Birds In Abundance

There are many species of birds that thrive at Dawes Arboretum. Today, I was lucky to find red-tailed hawks and a Green Heron. This was my first time seeing a green heron, It stalked fish in the pond.

Red-tailed Hawk in flight.
Red-tailed hawk in flight.
Green Heron hunting in the swamp.
Green Heron hunting in the Dawes Arboretum swamp.
Blue heron in flight.
Blue heron flying.

Pull Tab Memories

Pull-Tabs From Cans Long Ago

Old Pull Tab
Found this pull tab while gardening.

Found a pull tab and remembered when we had them. We were always looking for a place to throw them away.

I think that we stopped seeing these around 1980. I can’t help but wonder what someone far into the future would think of all of these laying around  until they dug up a can that had the matching hole.

Charles Bukowski. Genius.

I’m not a heavily educated soul. Never had the resources or will to study literature and poetry. As I age though, I am finding some very interesting things that I wish I heard in my youth.

I’ve found Bukowski to be riddled with problems. A loafer, a drunkard, and many other things that I don’t admire. That’s ok though. We all have faults. We all have a brilliance regardless. Mr. Bukowski had the gift of articulating that harsh reality of life. He did in such  a crude way that it was beautiful.

All The Way

Shoelace Poem

A Good Article On Farm Subsidies

Here is a good article on farm subsidies.

Grain silos.
Grain Silos in Mechanicsburg, Ohio

It’s going to be interesting to see where Trump lands on the farm bills. If they resemble previous farm bills(I’m pretty sure they will), there is no possible way that a real businessman could claim that the bills are fair and good for “the American people”.

If you’re to busy to read the article, the short of it is that the government taxes you, then gives enormous amounts of those taxes to farmers in numerous ways. The farmer grows the government’s preferred crops of corn, wheat, and soy. They do it with heavy doses of pesticides and herbicides. So much so that they harm their land in the process. Then, they sell these crops back to you in forms that you may not even recognize(high fructose corn syrup, fuel, soy fillers, etc.).

Due to the products that use these crops being subsidized, superior non-subsidized products that do not use them are sold for what seems to be very high prices. The market is fixed and the customer is sold very poor quality and dangerous products that they unwittingly funded.

Riding The Goldwing Today

You would think that the old bikes would be better for rain. I like the Goldwing because it keeps me drier. It just isn’t fun to clean it afterwards.

So far today’s adventure have been rain and a ride past a suspected bomb threat in Newark, Ohio. It turned out to be nothing.

Fulton County, Ohio Added To the Ohio Photography Project

Fulton County, Ohio Added To Project

Fulton County, Ohio is now added to my Ohio Photography Project.

This was the first county in the project that I did on my Honda Goldwing.  Another milestone in this very long project of photographing the 88 Ohio counties.

For me, the Northwest Ohio counties are difficult. I am finding nuances though. For example, the historic buildings and downtowns are abundant in these counties.

I hope you visit the links and enjoy the photos.

Simple Backyard Fire To Relax

A Roaring Backyard Fire Works To Relax

Sometimes all that it takes to clear your mind is a cool, quiet night with a roaring fire. I’m blessed to be able to do this right in the backyard.

I didn’t worry about the camera, the video quality, the steadiness of the shot, or anything else. I just took a video good enough to see if just watching it for a few minutes would change an attitude at a later date.

You need the entire experience. For this fire, the experience includes cutting down the tree even. It includes, the sound of crickets, my dog lying next to me, the stars in the sky, and the sounds of the train on the tracks just over the way. Very pleasant for a little while.

The Rarely Clean Motorcycles

Motorcycles Should Rarely Be Clean

Clean Honda motorcycles.
A rare sight of 2 of my Hondas clean. Rare as it should be.

I bought these 2 bikes about 10 years apart. They’ve made me a fan of Honda motorcycles.

About The Honda Shadow Aero

The 2006 Shadow is a proven reliable machine. This cruiser is dependable on daily drives to work, evening and weekend rides, and long hauls. Much of the maintenance is done at home. Parts are reasonable. The design of the motorcycle does make luggage and farkles difficult to add. Attempts to make it look like a Harley incorporates the use of useless plastic garbage. Good and bad considered, I like it’s character and value.

About The Goldwing F6B

I’ve written about the Goldwing F6B many times. What a machine of many characteristics, quirks, and nuances! On this evening, it did it’s job fine as a comfort bike on old country roads in Knox County, Ohio.

The Rural Sights In Spring

A lone tree stands as a sole survivor on a hill.
Lonely Tree On A Hill.

The fields are changing over to green or being plowed. The leaves on the trees are coming back to life. You never know if it will rain in the next few minutes or not. You never know what coat to were or if one should brought. On this night, it 2a 87 degrees and the next day the temps dropped below 60.

This is just how Spring weather is in Ohio. If you want to ride a motorcycle in Ohio, the weather has to be a secondary consideration or you’re not going to get much riding in. You’ll miss the exciting change to summer if you don’t put on that rain gear. Realize that a clean bike in these conditions is a sad bike too. Motorcycles are meant to be dirty this time of year.

Honda NC700X. About $6/day.

The Honda NC700X $6/Day Budget Motorcycle.

Honda NC700X On Gravel Roads
Honda NC700X On Backroads

I paid $6.07 today for the gas I used last week in my NC700X. The bike went to work everyday and a few short trips in the evening. The payment and insurance comes out to about$6/day. It’s a great 65 MPG budget motorcycle.

It amazes me that this motorcycle is not more powerful. It’s a rare thing though; A motorcycle designed to meet needs. Other motorcycles are designed for recreation. This one is designed for some fun, but primarily to economically and reliably move you from point A to B.

It talk more about the Honda NC700X here in a comparison with the Suzuki V-Strom. In short, it’s design is very unique and it gives you all the power where you need it – before 80 MPH. It’s light and easy to maneuver.

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