Hancock County, Ohio Trip This Weekend

Hancock County, Ohio Visit

I made a visit to Hancock County, Ohio this weekend. I’ll have more photos ready to add to my Ohio County Photo Project soon.

Modified Yellow Goldwing
Modified Yellow Goldwing on State Route 657 in Central Ohio.

About This Yellow Honda Goldwing

We stopped at a light and I mentioned that I wanted a hitch on my Goldwing if for no other reason than it’s a great way to carry a cooler. The rider heard us and told me that he made his own rack for his cooler.

As we rode I noticed that he had a car tire on the rear, highway pegs, and an aftermarket exhaust. I bet there are quite a few modifications that I didn’t see.  What a cool Goldwing.

Route 23 Hate

I hate Ohio State Route 23. It’s flat and boring. What’s worse, it’s lined with Ohio State Highway Patrol, so any attempts at speeding through your travels on it can get expensive.

Clouds of State Route 23 north of Marion, Ohio
Low clouds of State Route 23 north of Marion, Ohio.

Today though, I just let those low-lying clouds in the photo roll over and enjoyed the pleasant weather with the cruise control on.

About Hancock County

Findlay turned out to be the focus once we started looking around. Hancock County is flat farm country. In these types of Ohio counties, I head to the cities to find points of interest to photograph.

Goldwing with Dark Side Of the Moon album cover.
My Goldwing with the Dark Side Of The Moon album cover.

This painting was one of the more interesting sights I found in Findlay. I’ll be working on the project photos this week.

The ride home was beautiful as the weather was nice and the sun was setting just as we arrived back to Licking County. I watched the farms roll by one after the other.

Sunset glow on an old barn.
Sunset glow on an old barn.


Abandoned Tire Store

Abandoned Tire Store In Zanesville, Ohio

When you look around the Putnam Historic District in Zanesville, Ohio, you can see history in different stages. From the beginning of the state, to present.

This tire store is an odd duck in the area, but you can see recent history here. This was probably a good business at one time. It would have been the tire specialty types of stores of the 80’s and 90’s. They replaced the gas stations where tires were replaced before this.

Abandoned tire store in Zanesville, Ohio.
Abandoned tire store in Zanesville, Ohio.

Time goes on, things change.

Klock Werks Windshield On My Goldwing F6B

Happy With The Klock Werks Windshield

I patiently waited after spending quite a bit more than the price of standard Goldwing windshields. A friend told me that he swore by Klock Werks Windshields for the Harley-Davidson Street Glide and I had high hopes. I wasn’t disappointed.

Goldwing F6B with a Klock Werks 14-inch tinted windshield.
The 14-inch tinted Klock Werks windshield on my Honda Goldwing F6B.

Besides the high recommendation from my friend, I liked the idea that a curved edge would direct air far above the edge and reduce buffeting. I’ve dealt with these problems on other windshield and I’d rather deal with straight wind that these annoyances.

I was happy that it looked great. The curved contours of the Klock Werks windshield compliments the curves of the F6B fairing in my opinion. When I took it out on the road, that was where it shocked me in it’s performance.


There is a slight buffeting at speed, but it’s so light that putting the insert in my half-helmet removed the noise from. Other than hearing this buffeting, it couldn’t be detected. Trying to get rid of 100% of noise and buffeting is hopeless, so I’m not complaining about what there is. Unless the windshield rises above your head, you’re going to have some wind and noise.

The big surprise was that the steering improved as speed increased. It was a noticeable difference. This was unexpected and welcome. The F6B has some head wobble and most of it went away. This could be unique to my bike, so I’m not suggesting that the windshield stops minor head wobble on all Goldwings.

A Spider Web I Noticed

Wonders Of A Spider Web

Spider web at a gas station.
Spider web at a gas station.

This spider web caught my attention as the sun came through it when I was pumping gas. With the light shining, it brought out the detail and made me thing about how complex a spider web is.

I did a search and found that spider webs are more complex than they appear. The design makes allows for inevitable damage. If one part is damaged, the rest of the web gets stronger. The design allows for minor damage to not compromise the web as a whole. The spider can make repairs with ease.

The center silk is different than the outer. The center is a stronger silk, while the outer is thinner and stickier to snag prey.

Beautiful Simplicity In This Simple Home

Cinder Block Tiny Home

A cinder block home.
A simple cinder block home.

Home Should Be So Humble

This home drew my interest because of it’s simplicity. It’s humble but there is still color and style.  A window with curtains, a wood door, and a color scheme is about all it really takes to make a cinder block building look like “home”.

Not all of us need giant mansions with all the comforts and furnishings that we can acquire. The want for these things can never end . With that chase for what we want, we forget what is really required for simple shelter.

This home was there before the tiny home became trendy.

The Joy Of Conquering Tobacco

Joy In Conquering Tobacco

Tobacco is a horrible addiction. There are few resources that really help. You’re almost better off taking addiction to a drug that will completely incapacitate quicker. The world understands the fast rate of dying from heroin or cocaine because of the quick disabling effects, but smoking is a slow death so it gets less immediate attention.

The world’s approach to smoking is to nag you out of it. That’s not entirely bad, but that alone doesn’t do much. One only has their own motivations and desires with some crutches like nicotine replacements(gum, patches, etc.) to break the grip.

Store selling tobacco, alcohol, and lottery.
No thanks. Nothing there for me.

I tried many times to quit. I lost count. Probably the about the 10th time was the one that took. I suffered through the entire suggested length of the NicoDerm nicotine patch program. I had a reaction to them, but just kept placing them in new spots. A box would get used and a lower nicotine dose would be used for the next box. The program worked for me, but every lower dose was misery.

There are ill effects from smoking even after a year, but every so often I notice easier breathing and other positive health effects. I gained willpower! I use this with other areas of life now.

Yes, I gained weight and I struggle with that, but I’ll overcome this too.

What is really nice though is when I pass any place that sells tobacco and I don’t give them my money.  Gambling, tobacco, alcohol, etc. All the vices kind of blend together. They appeal to our weaknesses in one way or another.

The nicotine addiction was only one part of the addiction. The ability overcome self-destructive behavior and anxiety was the other. The advertising that maims and kills is revealed once you overcome it. The people responsible, including yourself, are revealed to you once you’re released from the grip of addiction. The joy of this knowledge and knowing that you overcame them is as sweet as any great victory.

Vintage Honda CX500 Brings Memories

The Bulletproof 500cc Hondas

I came home for a weekend when I was an 18 year old soldier. I found a 1982 Honda Silverwing for $1500 at the motorcycle shop in my hometown. I took out a loan and bought it.

That was the start of my appreciation for motorcycles. The bike took massive abuse. Lack of maintenance, crashes, sitting outside for a long while I was in the field, etc.

Left Side Of A 500cc Motorcycle Engine
A 500cc Honda Motorcycle Engine

I sold it chasing bigger and better things and immediately regretted that. In later years though, I’ve stuck close to the Honda brand because of that motorcycle. I’ve owned 3 more since then, including their most luxurious model, the Goldwing.

Honda Shadow750, Goldwing F6B, and CX500 Custom.
A Honda Shadow, Goldwing, and vintage CX500 Custom.

The Honda CX500 Custom is just a stripped down version of that Silverwing, so it brought back memories of that motorcycle. The old 500 Honda that I had was actually was a better performer than the Honda Shadow 750. The Shadow is nice, but it’s trying to be something it’s not. The fake plastic parts, the V-Twin configuration, and the cruiser style are wasted on what could be a better motorcycle. The Silverwing was an original  that couldn’t be compared to other motorcycles.

Top view of a Honda CX500 Custom.
Top View Of A Honda CX500 Custom.

At about 40 horsepower, I don’t remember any thrilling races. The bike was manageable for a new rider. I passed the motorcycle license exam with no training. I caught the bug for motorcycle travel and it’s brought a lot of pleasure to my life.

Side view of Honda CX500 Custom.
Honda CX500 next to newer Honda motorcycles.

The Eccentric Style And The Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus And Eccentrics

There’s something about the rugged, tiny Honda Ruckus that attracts eccentrics. I can only guess that they enjoy the idea that the Ruckus suits the purpose of very basic transportation. It makes me smile to see the simplicity of it.

Eccentric style of dress on a Honda Ruckus scooter.
Eccentric style on a Honda Ruckus

The Ruckus has a cult following. People ride them in group rides, solo trips across the country, and just for simple urban transportation. Foregoing the expense of miles on cars, they start seeing the world in a different way.

Myself, I go for a lot more motorcycle and a lot less style, but I can appreciate the fun this guy is having.

The Chateau Laroche. A Castle In Loveland, Ohio.

The Chateau Laroche In Loveland, Ohio.

As I continue with my Ohio County Photo Project, I found it inspiring to continue such an undertaking after visiting the Chateau Laroche. It’s a hand built castle in Loveland, Ohio.

The Chateau Laroche. A castle in Loveland, Ohio.
Chateau Laroche in Loveland, Ohio.

The castle is located in Hamilton County, just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s located at the bottom of a steep and winding road. The road was difficult to navigate with my Goldwing motorcycle. I don’t suggest this visit for new motorcycle riders.

The castle was the result of Harry Andrews having a deep interest in medieval times. He shared this interest with his Boy Scout troop and willed the property to the troop when he died in 1981. It’s inspiring that one man could do this and spark the interest of so many others.

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