Sometimes The Universe Gives You A PT Cruiser

Before I start this article, if you own a PT Cruiser, don’t read this. You’ll only be enraged at the fact that you own one or the fact that I dislike these disappointments of the American car industry.

A Little About Trash And Bad Products

McDonald's trash.
McDonald’s trash is everywhere.

You’ll never see Rolex boxes just thrown around outside of a jewelry store. That goes for just about anything of quality. Trash just rarely follows with something of real value.

Low value, the trash will be everywhere. Compare an area with a high volume of low value businesses. The big box stores, fast food, check cashing stores, etc. Trash is always laying everywhere. Even in more upscale neighborhoods, this fact remains true. Trash seems to attract trash.

The PT Cruiser

The PT Cruiser is a iconic piece of trash now too. In it’s concept phase it was an exciting idea. An old hotrod style panel wagon brought to the modern world. Turn-key coolness for the masses! The artists renderings of the project were enticing.

Then, Chrysler gave the world nothing more than a compact Neon with a miniaturized replica of an old panel wagon. It sucked, but many still bought it. For a short time, they were very popular. The quality was bad and got worse with every production year.

The PT Cruiser became a cheap used car, but expensive to operate with it’s many mechanical deficiencies. In 2017, nobody wants a PT Cruiser. If you have one, you’re probably not in a good place.

Ya Prick!

If I just insulted you, feel comforted that a fellow PT Cruiser driver has already screamed, “Ya Prick!” at me.

As I crossed a well-marked crosswalk, a dirtbag in a PT Cruiser picked up speed and nearly struck me. I turned to look at him as he came to a stop a few feet from me and yelled, “I wasn’t going to hit you ya prick!”. Immediately, I swelled with anger and I just stared in this substandard fake vinyl wood stickered  wagon.

The pilot of this wondermobile had a “Beer And Titties!” trucker hat on. I’d put his haircut about 8 months overdue. He was unshaven for quite a few days with a failing goatee. He was smoking a cigarette and empty packs were laying everywhere among other trash.

As I pulled my camera up to snap a photo of this ridiculous sight, he sped off. My anger was instantly gone. This dirtball was darting around in his own self-created hell. The universe just gave him a car that could have been custom made for him.

Life Can Be Like That

It’s good to look at a dirtball wallowing in misery in his PT Cruiser. It’s a reminder that we created our own circumstances, his were just so exaggerated and compressed into this intense moment, that it was simple to get a big picture fast.  We’re all guilty of producing our own bad outcomes in some way or another.

I know this scene caused me to consider some things I complain about. Who got me there? Me. Who can change what I don’t like? Me. No revelation here, but Mr. PT Cruiser certainly brings this fact to light.

If your low quality life sucks, you’re probably attracting it. If you don’t like trash, don’t hang around areas where low quality is the norm. If you don’t like your PT Cruiser, find a way to get a better vehicle.

Frampton Road One Room Schoolhouse

One Room Schoolhouse On Frampton Road

One Room Schoolhouse in Licking County, Ohio.
One room schoolhouse in Northeast Licking County, Ohio

I found this while riding motorcycles on the backroads of Licking County, Ohio. It’s one of the better preserved one-room schoolhouses that still stand.

I sat there on a very modern motorcycle wondering what it must have been like when this was built. The comparison of provisions given to today’s children are so much different, but of course, so is everything about their educational requirements to succeed.

At first I thought this may have been a small church. The steeple is missing,. I’ve reconsidered when I took the size of the building into account.

Wise Diet Advice

The only diet advice I will take is this; Don’t take diet advice from fat people or people who’ve never been fat. Don’t even discuss it. Doctors included. Only take diet advice from those who have lost it and kept it off for a considerable amount of time.

EVERYONE wants to be thin. Some remain thin naturally and do not understand the the fight. Fat people would be thin if they had a method that worked. The only quality advice comes from those who have achieved long-term weight loss goals.

The Smiley Face Store

This Reminded Me Of The Store With Smilies

Love stress ball over sewer drain.
Love Stress Ball Over A Sewer Drain

This love struck smiley face stress ball laying over the sewer reminded me of the similar smiley face department store that I hate.

As I continue to watch the smiley store corporation stock plummet and see the truth about their goods revealed, this is how I view that corporation. The last thing I heard about them revealed so much about the level of corruption in our country. It involved huge farm subsidies going to corn, soy, and cottonseed mega farms. The overwhelming majority of food stuffs in their stores are made from these products.

We pay for the subsidies of these crops. The crops are grown, then processed in ways that are poisonous to us. Then, we buy the products at the smiley store. In essence, we pay for them twice, but they seem like a bargain. For some, it is all that they can afford.

I really wish I listened to the “whackos” telling us this 20, 30 years ago.

A Bit Foggy

A Foggy Morning Drive

Foggy weather with trees.
Foggy morning on the backroads.

I woke up early the other morning and went for a drive on the old gravel roads. It was quiet and so peaceful. I was hoping to get a deer shot in the fog, but it didn’t happen.

Backroad creek.
Backroads Creek

What did happen is some time in nature with peace and quiet. I thought about all of this brown, dead foliage coming to life with a vibrant green in the near future.

Out The Back Door

Old back doors.
Antique back doors.

If you can control a mans thinking, you dont have to worry about his actions. If you can determine what a man thinks you do not have worry about what he will do. If you can make a man believe that he is inferior, you dont have to compel him to seek an inferior status, he will do so without being told and if you can make a man believe that he is justly an outcast, you dont have to order him to the back door, he will go to the back door on his own and if there is no back door, the very nature of the man will demand that you build one. – Carter G. Woodson


Bat Country?

I’ve Got A Damn Cold And It’s Cold. But Wait! It Gets More Interesting.

End of a short March snowstorm.
End of a short March snowstorm.

So I Got A New Shitty Phone Camera

It started with getting a new shitty phone/camera combo. It does have a brilliant idea inside of it. This strange and brilliant idea is that cell phone cameras suck and that for now, there’s no way to really make a pinhole work like a real lens – unless you use software.

The cell phone I have and one other company’s cell phone are the only phones with designers who understand this. The other incorporates software to do a large range of effects. The camera I bought, does this well for just one effect – HDR. As a bonus, I can extract a RAW file out of it so that I can manipulate it to my personal taste and desires.

I’m excited! My body is not. A cold has set in. The weather is a windy and blistering cold, so that’s not going to work. My ventures with this shitty camera/shitty phone will be limited.

This cold lead me to legal pharmaceuticals for help.

A Drug So Powerful, I Will Not Name It

I’m sensitive to drugs in unpredictable ways.  For example, Motrin puts me to sleep quickly. According to doctors, some of my reactions are just not possible. This is frightening because I know they happen. Either I’m not a real human patient or their not real doctors.

Due to this situation, I rarely touch any drugs and I’m extremely careful when I do. I have one over-the-counter cold medicine that seems to work close to what’s intended as it puts me to sleep when I have a cold. It’s just sleep though, not real rest. I awake in a weird realm of reality for a while too.

As I leave out for work, I stare at the bird feeder in the snow with morning sun rays playing on the scene. I even take the time in the bitter cold wind to photograph it.

Bird bath in snow.
Bird bath in snow.

On To Work, Just Past the Creepy Jail

So off to work I go. I’m excited to see what the day has planned and I have tissues ready. I’m even ready for the leer of those who will be certain that my sneeze will mean certain death by plague for them. On my way in, I pass the jail that I’ve grown to hate.

Old Licking County Jail
Old Licking County Jail

I hate this old jail because of what it symbolizes – a loss of freedom. Sure many who were housed there a long time ago deserved their punishment, but this building’s utility has long since passed. Now, the county owns it and taxpayer money is confiscated to care for it out of the claim that it’s “historic”.

Historic my ass. Do you think anyone spends 2 seconds wishing they could revisit that night in the county jail from 1968?

I know I’ll always remember how creepy the old place is. That’s historically significant.

Did I Enter Bat Country?

Dead bat.
Dead bat.

Then I encounter a dead bat in my path. I don’t think that I’ve ever found a dead bat. It’s there though. Very damn cold and very damn dead.

I flash back to the only other bat that I’ve seen dead and that was in the movie, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. It’s at the 1:39 mark of this clip.

More Encounters With The Absurd

After this, I had an encounter with a drug addled lunatic. All that I did was listen. It was intense for him. For me, a bore.

Of course, a morning like this made me think of Hunter S. Thompson. I am in strong disagreement with Mr. Thompson’s advice on drugs, but as he’s stated, his approach worked for him. My approach is that you don’t really need them if you pay attention to how strange and entertaining the world really is. A certain perspective of not giving a care(yes, care is the word) is required, but reality and over-the-counter pharmaceutically induced sleep can put you into Bat Country too.

Snow On The Forsythia

1st Snow On The Forsythia

Snow on the forsythia bush.
The first snow on the forsythia bush last week.

The first snow fell on the forsythia bush last week. I posted the first bloom of the forsythia about a week ago. We have another snow in the forecast this week. It shouldn’t be long before the 3rd snow. If the wives tale holds true, winter will then end.

I can hope!

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