The Chateau Laroche. A Castle In Loveland, Ohio.

The Chateau Laroche In Loveland, Ohio.

As I continue with my Ohio County Photo Project, I found it inspiring to continue such an undertaking after visiting the Chateau Laroche. It’s a hand built castle in Loveland, Ohio.

The Chateau Laroche. A castle in Loveland, Ohio.
Chateau Laroche in Loveland, Ohio.

The castle is located in Hamilton County, just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s located at the bottom of a steep and winding road. The road was difficult to navigate with my Goldwing motorcycle. I don’t suggest this visit for new motorcycle riders.

The castle was the result of Harry Andrews having a deep interest in medieval times. He shared this interest with his Boy Scout troop and willed the property to the troop when he died in 1981. It’s inspiring that one man could do this and spark the interest of so many others.

Clematis Flower

I’ve been out on my motorcycle exploring for a few days and making photos. Nothing compares to the beauty of this flower in my driveway.

Clematis Flower
Clematis Flower

I’m not positive that this is a clematis. They look like what the neighbor called a clematis and they just showed up on my property. I’m making assumptions. The bees love them.

I questioned whether I should keep including these photos of flowers and plants. Photos like this are not unique at all. I’m going to keep going with them because as I refer back to this blog, the break of something this beautiful gives something to the flow of reading that I like.

The next posts will probably be from motorcycle rides this past weekend to Cincinnati and West Virginia.

Red Green Would Be Proud Of This Duct Tape Truck

The Duct Tape Truck

I was at a gas station when this beat-up truck came in. I have to wonder what in the hell they did to this poor truck. Even more interesting is the duct tape. This repair work would make Red Green proud.

Duct tape covered truck.
Truck held together with duct tape.

Anything glass or plastic seems held on by duct tape. Even the rear window is just two pieces of plexiglass held together with duct tape.

It is admirable that the owners figured out a way to get continued use after whatever disaster struck this pickup-truck. They’re also cleaning it when I took this photo, so keeping the interior tidy is still a important, despite the demise of the exterior.

The military often refers to duct tape as 100 mile-per-hour tape. This truck will probably find out if that rating is correct.


Putnam Historic District. A New Photo Challenge For Me.

Putnam Historic District is one of the oldest settlements in Ohio. I just never paid attention to this part of Zanesville, Ohio before. Now that I’ve found it, I will be back with the camera frequently.

Age brings interesting textures, colors, and shapes that only time can make happen. In this section of an old painted brick building, the windows are not square, the paint peeling from the bricks with this blue color is unique, and the makeshift metal work would never happen in any other way other than a make-do repair.

Blue brick building in Zanesville, Ohio.
Old blue brick building on Muskingum Avenue in Zanesville, Ohio.

There are streets full of interesting old houses too. Many are in need of serious repair.

Putnam Historic District home.
Interesting old house in the Putnam Historic District Of Zanesville, Ohio.

Same with the houses as the blue brick building; nothing is square. Everything in a structure collapses at a different rate depending on so many different variables. It’s interesting. There is always the hope that somebody will save the old building.

I discovered there is an effort to revive the area with arts and entertainment. This is common in the historic areas of Ohio. It’s a heroic effort, but a gamble. The results of the efforts vary depending on public support and much of that support is forced by government grants with complex strings attached.

I’ll be back for more exploration of the area.

Rain And Seagulls

The Weather In Ohio This Summer Is For Seagulls

This July, the last half in particular, has been an enormous amount of rain for Central Ohio. That’s bad for motorcycles, but seagulls don’t seem to mind. I rode a lot in spite of the rain this weekend and I thought of the seagull’s tenacity and ability to thrive in any weather and in any environment.

Seagull on the shore of Buckeye Lake.
A lone seagull on the shores of Buckeye Lake, Ohio.

Seagulls tend to show up in my photography often.  I shoot what draws my interest the most.

Eye Catching Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers Catch My Eye

I took these photos of yellow flowers because they caught my eye and drew me in. I had to do some research to find out what some of them are. The first is a woodland sunflower. It’s interesting that it looks nothing like the garden variety sunflowers.

Woodland sunflowers.
Woodland sunflowers. These were found at the Kokosing River near Howard, Ohio.

I’ve noticed quite a few yellow flowers that have drawn my camera’s view finder.

Lance Leaf Coreopsis
Lance Leaf Coreopsis
Woodland sunflowers on a nature trail.
Woodland sunflowers on a trail near Granville, Ohio.



Sunday In Amish Country On Motorcycles

Riding Motorcycles In Amish Country On A Sunday

Lucky To Live Near Amish Country

Living near Amish country gives me a different perspective on life. I don’t study it too much, but simple observations reveal more than anything else. There’s a different smell and feel around farms that use old methods. It’s a different world.

Sunday is the day to ride motorcycles in Amish Country if you’re doing it for the sake of riding. Tourist traps are closed and the traffic is light.

On the way up to Millersburg, I noticed this small prayer chapel in Greer, Ohio. The plan was to do some trick of photography with it, but I’ll have to go back and try again. While I was trying to find a unique angle, there was a child’s voice belting out hymns in the backyard of the house next to the church. He was singing with all he had and it was actually very good singing. I didn’t want to embarrass the little guy so we quietly left.

Honda Goldwing parked next to a tiny church in Greer, Ohio.
Large motorcycle, tiny church.

We went down state route 557 just outside of Millersburg, Ohio. The area is so beautiful and the farms are so full of life that it makes you wonder if God doesn’t give extended protection to this area. The farms used contour farming and it creates an interesting pattern on the hillsides. The woodlands and creeks are dotted in between the patchwork. Haystacks dotted the fields.

I didn’t spend much time taking photos. The ride was just to pleasant to stop this time. I was planning how I would approach photography here. Amish beliefs often cause them to shy from cameras so it’s not polite to photograph them. On the other side of that, it’s a free country and we can photograph almost anything in the public view. I try to use that freedom in a refrained manner.

Ragersville, Ohio tavern.
Tavern Of Ragersville.

We ended up at the Tavern Of Ragersville. I like bars with history. Some may consider these old bars “dive” bars. Whatever the vernacular, The Tavern Of Ragersville had character and I enjoyed the cold beer and good food.

After leaving, I headed home and the ride continued to be full of curves and fun. We found State Route 751 which led us back to State Route 16. A short break in Roscoe Village, then a ride down a familiar favorite road, State route 541 to Martinsburg, Ohio near home.

A highly recommend the area for riding, but I’ve found that Saturday is not favorable due to traffic. There are a few non-Amish restaurants that do keep short Sunday hours.

Weathervane To Licking County Courthouse.

A Worker Placing the Weathervane On The Licking County Courthouse.

Licking County Courthouse 1876 Weathervane
1876 weathervane added to The Licking County Courthouse in Newark, Ohio.

The Licking County Courthouse restoration project is starting to show progress. They topped it with a new weathervane and more is being revealed as they peel away the plastic from the scaffolding.

Fudged Up At The Sporting Goods Store

A visit at a large sporting goods retailer recently put an question in my head that has just been rattling around like crazy. There was a massive fudge section in this store. Why?

Here you are in this huge display of wildlife and outdoor gear and there is this fudge shop. Nobody questions why and people were buying plenty of it. There is a short circuit in my head when it comes to fudge and sporting goods.

The best answers I  came up with when I asked on my Facebook account were:

  • It’s a peace offering to the wife when you spend to much money there.
  • I don’t know, but it mesmerizes me to watch the lady make it.

I searched the Internet and found an answer I’m going to accept. It has to do with your sense of smell. There’s an entire science about scent marketing. Searching more on the topic will tell you the science behind it.

Now that I know this science is out there, it makes me even more aware of the attempts to separate you from your money. My opinion is that this is unfair because the customer is not aware of how they are being manipulated.

Question everything.

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