Links To My Other Websites

Mark Spearman’s YouTube Channel – I prefer photography, but occasionally I’ll attempt video. These are my videos.

Newark, Ohio Links – a website about Newark, Ohio.

Not A Professional Photographer – old website I’m working on getting rid of

The Wandering Camera – a collection of my photos taken while on my adventures in Ohio and other places and my attempt to master Tumblr.

Mark Spearman Photography – a website where I post all of my photos.

Mark Spearman’s Flickr – trying to get into Flickr more, but not having much success.

Mark Spearman’s Facebook – useless drivel and memes to take out angst against the Idiocracy other post about.

Mark Spearman’s Instragram – trying to figure out what in the hell I need this for at the moment.

A Journal Of Photography, Motorcycles, And Other Cool Things