Hardin And Harrison Counties Added To Project

Hardin County And Harrison County Added To The Ohio County Photo Project

I was happy to have the time to go photograph Hardin and Harrison counties. I am processing the photos I shot now to add to the Ohio County Photo Project.

Hardin County, Ohio

To me, Hardin County, Ohio is agriculture and antiques. Everywhere I looked this 2 things stood out. The corn and soybeans went on forever. Small towns were full of thriving antique shops.

Grain silos at Mount Victory, Ohio.
Grain silos at Mount Victory, Ohio.

Harrison County, Ohio

Harrison County’s most prominent industries are agriculture, oil and gas(fracking trucks are everywhere), and recreation. The roads are a dream come true for motorcycling.

Abandoned truck stop near Tappan Lake in eastern Ohio.
Abandoned truck stop at Tappan Lake in Eastern Ohio.

More Photos Coming

I will be processing the rest of the photos and videos from my short adventures soon.