Great Post About Independent Blogging

Facebook is a horrible platform for a photographer, writer, or a thinker. I like to claim I’m these things. Back to independent blogging for me.

Here a post about independent blogging from CJ Chivers.  I found the links he provides to be good reads on the topic too.

For me, Facebook has it’s uses, but there is just so much waste on there. I waste time posting stuff I didn’t create and so do others. Then we make comments that spur debates. Nobody cares. They’re just wasted time.

With a blog, I can easily go back and refine what I’ve written. I take more ownership in what I post, not just liking and sharing memes to a timeline. I can ignore comments that are useless and expand on the useful. There is just so much more that can be done – even if nobody reads it but me. The thing is, when it is read, there will be something of better quality for the reader.

I’ve tried to give up Facebook before and it didn’t work. It’s kind of ingrained into our social lives now. I can limit it and own more of my own work.

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