Goodbye Facebook

I started to write a long article here about the evils of Facebook and why I left it. I found the points useless to right about because the problems Facebook causes or doesn’t is personal to everyone. The experience differs based on my different personality traits.

The number one reason I left Facebook was that it harms creativity and I’m a creative person. It does that by robbing time. I write less and create fewer photographs because I waste time discussing useless topics with no positive outcome on Facebook. Facebook is depressing too in the overall scheme of things.

All of that time and effort could be put towards my own works. Why should I sit and pump their website full of posts and create an income for them?

The positive I’m losing is the connectivity. The way I see it though, a simple search for “Mark Spearman” in Google brings up my site and people can contact me through that. If people aren’t putting that much effort into finding me, what’s the use?

So in short, I’ve left Facebook to pursue more rewarding endeavors.