Finding Patterns To Create Photo Compositions

I never thought about it before reading some books on photo composition, but patterns make interesting photos. They are all over the place once you realize that a photographer should be looking for them.

This one is the Fibonacci type of pattern that’s found in a sunflower.

Pattern In A Sunflower

Black and white can bring out the shapes in a pattern, so frequently I do the conversion. Others may lean towards showing the flower. For me, it’s just my style to go for whatever is the most interesting. Everyone has seen sunflowers in color many times, but when the color is removed the shapes are more pronounced.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles lined up in a row on a street.
Harley-Davidsons Lined Up In A Row

Sometimes cool patterns just kind of jump out at you when you’re looking for them. I was crossing the street in Roscoe Village near Coshocton, Ohio when I noticed this line or Harley-Davidsons with fairings.

Try keeping an eye out for patterns and give it a try.