Facebook Angst

I hate Facebook, but it’s a popular communication tool. I’m stuck with it.

So I wanted to clean it up. I removed:

  • People that I rarely talk to.
  • People I suspect of only watching for things to use against me.
  • People who post what I would consider to be abhorrent content.
  • People that I don’t know or know well enough.
  • People who’s linkage to me on Facebook proves to be no benefit to either of us.

That covers most of them that I removed. The bad part is that some of those people will think I don’t like them. That may be very true in some cases, not at all in others.

I know that I could just hide posts and they wouldn’t know I didn’t care to see them, but in some cases, that leaves me with an association to people that I just don’t want.

Most of what I post that’s worth reading is on markspearman.com anyhow. Anyone who ever really wants to contact me can do it there without the entire world giving our communication a look and a nod(or not).

Notice I said Facebook was a popular communication tool, not a good one. I hate the way it works. It’s a hassle.

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