Day 30 365 Project

Old truck with historical tag.
Historical Truck

I noticed this “historical” tagged truck setting outside my office today and I found it humorous – humorous and truthful.

I went out to the sidewalk to take some photos of this gem. Normally, the Ohio “historical” tag is reserved for finely preserved show cars. This truck really didn’t fit that description, but it is in fact, “historical”.

While I was taking photos of the truck, a passer-by gave me an inquisitive look. This is a pretty common scenario for me because I take photos of many things that people just cannot understand why. If you don’t understand where I’m going with my photos, they subject matter can seem a bit absurd. I pointed to the license plate and said, “It’s historical!”. ┬áHe just laughed and said, “Well hell, I’m historical too. Want a picture of me?”.

We joked a bit and he explained that he was downtown to get a special tag for his dog because he was Vet and he’d heard that he could get a companionship certification for his dog. Hope it gets it, but I can’t imagine the county building where he was heading to be helpful to anyone that isn’t going to fatten their government pension in one way or another. They’ll probably want him to pay some sort of county fee for this dog that calms him down.

This “historical” tag did get me thinking though. As I’ve gotten into photography, the side benefit is that I’ve learned history about the things that I’ve taken photos of. I’ve found that history really is a lot like this truck. True history is rough on the edges and full of all sorts of holes. It’s not cut and dried like the textbooks present it.