Cup Holder For Honda F6B Goldwing

Cup Holder For F6B Goldwing

The video has a better description of the Ram Mount Cup Holder for the Honda Goldwing F6B.

Cup Holders Save Money

Riding motorcycles cost money. Part of that costs is money spent on the road. Drinks purchased in the gas station add up over time. Instead of purchasing on the road, a thermos can be used to keep a drink ready to go on the road. With this new cup holder, I don’t ┬áhave to stop for a drink.

What does a cold drink cost at the gas station now? $1.50 minimum. It doesn’t take long to recoup the cost of this mount.

More Time For Riding

A drink at the ready allows a rider to quench their thirst on the go. When it’s hot, stopping with gear on can heat a rider up more. Fill a thermos with water and a Ram Mount.

When I carry a thermos in the saddle bag, there is the risk of a leak inside the bag and it has to be dug out of storage. With the cup holder, it’s at the ready.

Other Cup Holder Options

I looked into some others, like the cubby hole inserts that sit in the cubby in front of the seat. They are not insulated well. The size of cup is limited to what will fit in the small hole. They do look better, but I don’t ride a show bike.