Color – Grab It When You See It

Sometimes, color really makes the photo. A lacking composition or lack of subject can be compensated for if the colors are right. Colors can tell the story.

I do favor black and white often because it brings out tones and shapes. Sometimes, this helps me tell the story. Emotion, more definition of the subject, lighting, and mood can all be shown well in black and white. Colors mean things too. Red can mean sexy, bold, and exciting. Pink can be a calming factor. Green can mean envy. These rules are not set in stone, but say for example you see a photo of a little girl in a pink dress holding a basket. That makes you think of Easter Sunday right away.

In this photo I’m trying to tell the story of a patriot with the dream of running a little store. The owner is an immigrant and he’s gone all out with the patriotic theme for his store. Color is exploding. The owner was excited about his store and the colors show it. The ladder shows that his work is in progress.

American Dream General Store
American Dreams. The colors of the store tell of the owners excitement to be in America owning a business.

If something screams to your eyes like this store did to mine, snap a shot of it. Take some time to work the shot. When there is so much to look at, somebody put work into the scene and there’s a story in that photo.