Cold Ohio January Snow

Cold January Snow

The inevitable has happened. It’s January 5th, it’s 23 degrees, it’s snowing. No surprise, just bewildering.

By the time this posts, It will be later in the month and probably colder.

Snow covered windshield.
My snow covered windshield.

A Cold January Day

How To Get Through It

When friends come from warmer climates, they often ask, “How the hell do you live like this?”. In Ohio, that’s the easier answer is to just wait it out. It never seems to be that long until the weather reverts to something that isn’t painful.

As I age, I get more wisdom on these matters. Have projects. Keeping your mind busy is important. Writing, computer work, editing photos, and other indoor hobbies work.

Cabin fever is going to happen no matter what. For that, toughen up. Go outside. Walk and take photos. Go see a friend. Go have a beer. Forget that it’s miserable for a little while and just go. I have to do go out more than others.

Enjoy the atmosphere too. Snow deadens sound, so enjoy the quiet. The light is different. The speed of everything is slower. It’s a magical thing that just weather can change your world like this.

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