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The Frost Is Here

Frost In The Morning

Winter is coming quick in 2017. There’s always a struggle with old man winter where it goes to cold to warm, then back and forth for a while. If last week’s heavy frost in the mornings is any indication, winter will be here very soon.

Frost on the leaves.
Heavy frost on the leaves. Click the image for more information.
Lady walking next to fall frost on grass.
Fall frost.

The 2017 Solar Eclipse From Newark, Ohio

Newark, Ohio Solar Eclipse

It started with some cloud cover that soon cleared.

Clouds with 2017 solar eclipse in Newark, Ohio.
The 2017 Solar Eclipse from Newark, Ohio. Some cloud cover.

And a clear shot came to view.

The 2017 Solar Eclipse through a #10 welding glass.
Clear shot of the 2017 Solar Eclipse through a #10 welding glass.

I shot this photo using  a Canon T5i , 55-250mm Canon lens, and a #10 Welding Glass.

What Was The Solar Eclipse Like?

This isn’t a post for reader today. It’s a post for many years down the road when I’m contemplating viewing the next solar eclipse.

The eclipse was interesting. That’s about it really. It’s alarming to know that we’re on a big rock spinning through space. It’s alarming to know that there is a degree of precision in the celestial objects that allows for an eclipse to happen – predictably.

When I see something like this, it makes me very aware that there is a creator. The precision of the size of the sun and moon in distance and size is perfect. The timing is perfect. We can tell exactly where and when the next one will be 7 years from now. It’s watch-like precision, only on a galactic scale. A large group of people would have us ignore that and tell us that these wonders all just happened by chance.

Solar eclipse without a zoom lens and only welding glass.
Shot with a 24mm pancake lens through #10 welding glass.

Art In The Skies

Chemtrail Art

Daylight moon with chemtrails.
Chemtrails in front of the moon.

It was interesting to see chemtrails spreading in this pattern with a moon shining in the daylight. It makes you wonder many things. Why does the cloud spread with a pattern of a sound wave spreading style?

I give up calling them “contrails”. The conspiracy theorists are right. They are not just condensation, they are a mix of chemicals. I don’t know what the chemicals are or their toxicity level, but it’s not just water vapor.

I’ll always ask why when I see something like this. I’m not afraid to admit the things I don’t know. I am afraid to just accept the answers given without looking further into the subject. I can also appreciate the beauty of things I don’t understand.  I hope others do too.

Dandelions And Rainstorms

Dandelions Are Good?

When I was young remember enjoying the beauty of a yard full of dandelions. When they went to seed, you can blow on them and watch the seeds scatter to the win. I don’t remember such a fervor for their destruction the 70’s and 80’s.

Dandelion after going to seed.
Dandelion gone to seed.

Today, people want a monoculture of the grass of their choice. They want the perfect lawn like their golf course has. Cancer causing agents in chemicals they don’t understand  are acceptable in this war on anything other than grass. If you disagree, you’re a commie tree-hugging Nazi or something to that effect.

I read that early settlers brought over the dandelion from Europe because it was so easy to grow and they found it beneficial to their diet. Modern science proves that they are full of necessary vitamins and minerals. A serving of dandelion leaves has more calcium than a glass or milk.

Dandelions thrive in acidic soil and their roots easily break it up and aerate. The reason they thrive is that nothing else will. What irony. The one plant that wants to grow in poor soil gets poison so that not even it will grow there. I don’t think that society really knows how to approach many problems of this nature. It is something to think about.

Back to the rainstorm to ponder other wonders of nature.

A Bit Foggy

A Foggy Morning Drive

Foggy weather with trees.
Foggy morning on the backroads.

I woke up early the other morning and went for a drive on the old gravel roads. It was quiet and so peaceful. I was hoping to get a deer shot in the fog, but it didn’t happen.

Backroad creek.
Backroads Creek

What did happen is some time in nature with peace and quiet. I thought about all of this brown, dead foliage coming to life with a vibrant green in the near future.

Snow On The Forsythia

1st Snow On The Forsythia

Snow on the forsythia bush.
The first snow on the forsythia bush last week.

The first snow fell on the forsythia bush last week. I posted the first bloom of the forsythia about a week ago. We have another snow in the forecast this week. It shouldn’t be long before the 3rd snow. If the wives tale holds true, winter will then end.

I can hope!

Licking River After A Hard Rain

The Licking River After A Hard Rain

The Rain

The rain fell hard on the night of 1 March, 2017 around Newark, Ohio. The number of inches would have told some of the story, but I prefer to just go look at the rivers and streams. They will tell if the ground is distributing the water to much or soaking it up.

As the video shows, nothing to dramatic was happening. It’s hypnotizing to watch the power of the water, even on a little river like the Licking River.

The Video

I sincerely want decent videos, but much like photography, I don’t want to dive into expensive equipment and complex methods. I just want to be able to tell a bit of a story with and share some of the scenes I come across.

The advice from some YouTube producers I watch is to just do it. Just start working with video and improving the work as you go. Disregard the trolls and naysayers and just produce to the best of your abilities. That’s the plan.

Showing my work is a method of motivation for me. I know they’re not the best quality yet. I still hope you enjoy them.

The Weird News For The Day

I just wanted to know how many inches of rain fell. I check the local “news” website. I could not find it. What I did find an article about a random toe sucker at the mall. The only thing weirder about a toe sucker is a large media conglomerate pushing a story like this.

I found this weird article in multiple news sites later in the day. Why the major push? What in the fuck is so important about this man’s mental illness that it just had to be seen? It’s clickbait. It’s just an article of little value with a shocking title to get clicks. Pure garbage. Journalism is dead.

The value of clickbait is that it will get viewers clicking around the site and that will place ads on their screens. That’s how they make money. This is all fine and good, nothing is free. The problem is that they do this in such an abhorrent way, but still want to retain their status as “real news”. Their legitimacy is to be called to question.

On the conspiracy minded side of this, I’m curious to know if there is more to gain than just ad money. Could their be a further agenda? Could it just make them happy to boost deviant stories higher and higher in their listings?

I never clicked on the story. I can’t say I’ll never visit the local news site again. I will, but I’ll never take it serious again.


Real news, like a flood level report after a torrential downpour – not important to major media sources. Toe sucking – the devious little bastards at major media sources really want you reading about that.

Get out there. See the truth of what’s going on in your world and enjoy it. Don’t sit and read what they want you to believe your world is like. You’ll start fearing toe suckers around every corner.