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Alarm Bells

My photography hobby has taken to the streets more. In the process I’ve started to notice the details of the city in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Normal people don’t really examine the details of what is happening in a city.

I’d like to do some street photography, but it’s good to have people available for that. There are very few people on Newark’s streets compared to big cities. The ones that are there aren’t just out enjoying the area either. They are there to get something done and get out.

Man walking in an alley.
Man walking in an alley.

I won’t give the full story on this guy because I was about 3 blocks away to take this photo and I can’t prove my suspicions, but I’ll be watching this area a little closer with a camera. My instincts tell me he was up to no good.  I still liked the look of the photo though.

Sky Carp

I’ve never understood the animosity towards seagulls, commonly referred to as “Sky Carp”. Sure, they’re common and they can be scavengers, but these birds are highly adaptive survivors.

Seagulls on ice at Buckeye Lake, Ohio
Seagulls on the ice at Buckeye Lake, Ohio.

Today the snow let up enough to take pictures and these seagulls at Buckeye Lake were thriving in temperatures that were in the low 20’s.

I really started to enjoy watching seagulls when I first seen them in the deserts of California. It was freezing in January in the Mojave. The thought that anything could be thriving in such a inhospitable environment seemed amazing to me. I thought they were primarily water birds too, but it turns out that they are in just about every corner of the Earth, even Antarctica.

I’ve read that seagulls are a symbol of freedom. Maybe that’s why so many find them intolerable? That kind of hate without a good specific reason as to why attitude happens with freedom too.


A European Starling

European Starling
A European Starling

This a really common bird in Ohio called a European Starling. They are everywhere in downtown Newark, Ohio. They remain active throughout the winter too.

When this photo was taken, I was walking into work. This is one of the reasons I try to always carry a camera. Sure, it’s just a common bird, but it made me stop in my tracks and take a moment to enjoy natures beauty in an area where you really have to pay attention to find beauty.

It made me look up information about something so common that I really didn’t know much about too. I found out that they were brought here by Eugene Schieffelin, a wealthy industrialist. Like so many of today’s wealthy, they found it fashionable to fund junk environmentalism in the 1890’s too. In Schieffelin’s day, they thought it was a wise endeavor to import wildlife and plants from one area of the globe to another. Starlings have made a negative impact on the native birds and the effort proved destructive in the end. They’re still a beautiful and interesting bird to watch and photograph.

The Hooded Merganser Duck

Hooded Merganser Duck
A Hooded Merganser Duck taking flight.

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday as I headed to the woods on the first nice Saturday of 2014, a small flock of strange looking ducks called Hooded Mergansers were in the Licking River at Blackhand Gorge near Newark, Ohio.

Usually, ducks pretty much ignore you, but these are a little more stealthy. By the time I got a bead on them, they started taking flight. My camera has a sports mode that rapid fires and it’s a big help with wildlife. The quality of the photo isn’t as good, but it’s better to get a photo than none at all. This photo was the only one that even had a duck in it.

This is the first Hooded Merganser I’ve ever seen. It’s quite a thrill to get wildlife that’s out of the ordinary and it always happens when you least expect it.

I Was Thinking I Was Having An Off Day And Then…

I’m in kind of a winter rut. It’s not really been fun weather to be out taking photos in and we’re still quite a ways from motorcycle season. My hobbies are on hold, but I still make the effort to get photos occasionally.

Today I had just finished taking photos of the the same old things in Newark and was about ready to head home when I seen something that made me really thankful. It was a person in a green monkey suit waving a sign for a flea market. God bless them for trying to make a buck, but I would not want to be the person stuck doing this today.

Green monkey in the snow waving sign for a flea market.
Person in green monkey suit waving to advertise a flea market.

Just a few more weeks and winter should start leaving us, I hope.


A Mustang Mach 1 At A Car Show

Mach 1 Mustang at car show in Mount Vernon, Ohio.
Ford Mach 1 Mustang at The 2013 Dixie Days Car Show in Mount Vernon, Ohio

I was looking for photos that make me think about warmer weather and this Ford Mach 1 Mustang did the trick. It was taken at The Dixie Days Car Show in the Fall of 2013 in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Car show photos are something that I have not yet mastered, but I really like the results I get from a 50mm lens on a crop sensor Canon 20D camera. The lens is just enough to keep me from being right on top of the car and the crowd doesn’t realize that I’m shooting.

Strange enough, I find that people tend to gravitate in front of my camera at car shows. I don’t really mind, the cars are there for people to look at and not for me to take photos of, but I don’t concentrate of the photos I’d really like to take at the shows because of that. The hoods are always up which kind of ruins the photo too.

Not long now until decent weather as the temperature was 30 degrees today! We’re getting closer.

2 Below Zero In Newark, Ohio Today

I’m trying to get better at photography and in doing that, I’ve found myself on lunch breaks out taking photos while I get a walk in. I don’t want to start finding excuses for not doing it or like other things we find excuses for, you slowly lose interest.

Newark, Ohio is more interesting when you really start taking a close look at it everyday. I didn’t say it looks better, just different.

Today I tried, but at -2 a person’s mind starts concentrating on one thing and that’s the temperature. By the time I finally found something to take a photo of, I was froze to the bone.

Sign showing 2 below 0 degrees in downtown Newark, Ohio.
2 Below 0 in Newark, Ohio

There is another cold day coming tomorrow. I look forward to the challenge.

Boobs On A Gargoyle

I had a real nice motorcycle ride yesterday that took us through the back roads of Guernsey and Belmont Counties in Eastern Ohio. The scenery was great and I even managed to get off the motorcycle a few times and take a few photos.

While taking photos in Barnesville, Ohio, I noticed this Gargoyle with boobs. Strangest gargoyle that I’ve ever seen. I would wonder what it’s meaning is supposed to be, but from my understanding, Gargoyles are to ward off evil spirits from entering a building. If the people who built the building believed that and were willing to deface a beautiful building with these ugly things, why follow up any further?

Gargoyle with boobs in Barnesville in Belmont County, Ohio.
Gargoyle On Downtown Building in Barnesville, Ohio


A Beautiful Victory Cross Country

I came across this beautiful Victory Cross Country bagger in Coshocton, Ohio’s Roscoe Village. What a beautiful ride.

I’ve been a fan of Victory’s for a while. The biggest downside I see to them right now is that every bike has the same distinctive sharp edged design. I like it, but if you don’t they don’t have a bike to sell you. The reports from customers are showing that the happy with the bikes. Maybe someday I’ll try one out.
Photo of Victory Cross Country Motorycle
Victory Cross Country Motorcycle

CANADAIR CL-600-2B16 At Knox County Ohio Airport

I still look in awe when I see aircraft like this Canadair CL-600-2B16 landing in the airport in the middle of the cornfields in Knox County, Ohio. It makes me wonder who has this much money and with enough interest in Knox County to fly into this little airport. This plane had just arrived from Washington D.C.

Canadiar CL-600-2B16 At Knox County, Ohio Airport