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Honey Run Waterfall Near Howard, Ohio.

Honey Run. Rained Out.

We took an evening motorcycle ride up to Honey Run. The plan was to video the falls, then hike. My wife’s phone blared out a storm warning and we had to leave early.

We dodged a serious hail and thunderstorm all the way home. That’s how it goes if you’re going to ride in April in Ohio. It made for an adventure, but the video could have been better. Still the best one to date. I’ll keep trying.

The Woodward Opera House In Mount Vernon, Ohio

I finally had the chance to see The Woodward Opera House in Mount Vernon, Ohio. The theater operated from the 1850’s – 1920’s. What an interesting experience to stand in a theater vacated since the 1920’s! It’s likely that I had ancestors that visited this theater.

Part of the reason that this incredible building is standing is that it was part of a building that had many other uses. While theater might have only been used for storage, the rest of the building remained active.

The Woodward Opera House in Mount Vernon, Ohio.
The stage of The Woodward Opera House in Mount Vernon, Ohio.
The balcony of The Woodward Opera House.
The balcony of The Woodward Opera House.
The remains of an old poster in The Woodward Opera House.
The remains of an old poster.

Here is a video with a detailed explanation of the history of The Woodward Opera House.

Knox County, Ohio Spring House Remains

I admit, I’m to young to know what this was. I had to post it to Facebook to find out from older people that this was a spring house.

Spring house in Knox County, Ohio.
Spring house on Sycamore Road in southern Knox County, Ohio.

They were very important buildings on farms before electricity and other methods of refrigeration came into use.  The idea was so simple; Use the cool air rising from a spring to cool a building.

Some were made of wood, but the moist air would rot them quickly. Many times wood was used temporarily until enough fieldstone could be gathered to make one out of stone.

Why this one survives when I have never seen another, I don’t know. Here is a better explanation of spring houses if you’re interested.

Rural Winter Beauty

This photo is one of my top favorites for the Winter of 2016.

Old barn leaning from weather and age.
An old barn leaning from age and weather at a Knox County, Ohio farm.

I’ve spotted it while driving by many times before, but the snow and the evening sky made it perfect. I had my wife watch for traffic coming behind us, grabbed the camera and shot  out the drivers window.

It was exciting to see the capture come to life as I opened it in Photoshop and began to manipulate it into what my mind seen.