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The Old Trees At Dysart Park In Ohio

Ancient trees at Dysart Woods.
Ancient trees at Dysart Woods Park in Belmont County, Ohio.

I read about the trees at Dysart Woods Park in Ohio and decided to check them out. It was awesome to be standing in the oldest forest in Ohio with these huge trees. They made one feel small.

There was one undeniable fact though. They were so old they were dying. Dead timber was everywhere.

Massive Oak Tree
Massive oak tree in Dysart Park in Ohio.

In all of the posts that I read concerning the effects that coal mining may have in the area, they never mentioned just how poor of condition that these trees are already in. They’ll tell you that the coal companies are going to kill off 400 year old trees for shock value, but forget to tell you that these trees are falling over on their own already.

The Ohio State government has granted the coal company the permit to mine under sections of Dysart, so we’ll find out how this goes over the years to come.

Boobs On A Gargoyle

I had a real nice motorcycle ride yesterday that took us through the back roads of Guernsey and Belmont Counties in Eastern Ohio. The scenery was great and I even managed to get off the motorcycle a few times and take a few photos.

While taking photos in Barnesville, Ohio, I noticed this Gargoyle with boobs. Strangest gargoyle that I’ve ever seen. I would wonder what it’s meaning is supposed to be, but from my understanding, Gargoyles are to ward off evil spirits from entering a building. If the people who built the building believed that and were willing to deface a beautiful building with these ugly things, why follow up any further?

Gargoyle with boobs in Barnesville in Belmont County, Ohio.
Gargoyle On Downtown Building in Barnesville, Ohio