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Cup Holder For Honda F6B Goldwing

Cup Holder For F6B Goldwing

The video has a better description of the Ram Mount Cup Holder for the Honda Goldwing F6B.

Cup Holders Save Money

Riding motorcycles cost money. Part of that costs is money spent on the road. Drinks purchased in the gas station add up over time. Instead of purchasing on the road, a thermos can be used to keep a drink ready to go on the road. With this new cup holder, I don’t  have to stop for a drink.

What does a cold drink cost at the gas station now? $1.50 minimum. It doesn’t take long to recoup the cost of this mount.

More Time For Riding

A drink at the ready allows a rider to quench their thirst on the go. When it’s hot, stopping with gear on can heat a rider up more. Fill a thermos with water and a Ram Mount.

When I carry a thermos in the saddle bag, there is the risk of a leak inside the bag and it has to be dug out of storage. With the cup holder, it’s at the ready.

Other Cup Holder Options

I looked into some others, like the cubby hole inserts that sit in the cubby in front of the seat. They are not insulated well. The size of cup is limited to what will fit in the small hole. They do look better, but I don’t ride a show bike.

Riding The Goldwing Today

You would think that the old bikes would be better for rain. I like the Goldwing because it keeps me drier. It just isn’t fun to clean it afterwards.

So far today’s adventure have been rain and a ride past a suspected bomb threat in Newark, Ohio. It turned out to be nothing.

The Rarely Clean Motorcycles

Motorcycles Should Rarely Be Clean

Clean Honda motorcycles.
A rare sight of 2 of my Hondas clean. Rare as it should be.

I bought these 2 bikes about 10 years apart. They’ve made me a fan of Honda motorcycles.

About The Honda Shadow Aero

The 2006 Shadow is a proven reliable machine. This cruiser is dependable on daily drives to work, evening and weekend rides, and long hauls. Much of the maintenance is done at home. Parts are reasonable. The design of the motorcycle does make luggage and farkles difficult to add. Attempts to make it look like a Harley incorporates the use of useless plastic garbage. Good and bad considered, I like it’s character and value.

About The Goldwing F6B

I’ve written about the Goldwing F6B many times. What a machine of many characteristics, quirks, and nuances! On this evening, it did it’s job fine as a comfort bike on old country roads in Knox County, Ohio.

The Rural Sights In Spring

A lone tree stands as a sole survivor on a hill.
Lonely Tree On A Hill.

The fields are changing over to green or being plowed. The leaves on the trees are coming back to life. You never know if it will rain in the next few minutes or not. You never know what coat to were or if one should brought. On this night, it 2a 87 degrees and the next day the temps dropped below 60.

This is just how Spring weather is in Ohio. If you want to ride a motorcycle in Ohio, the weather has to be a secondary consideration or you’re not going to get much riding in. You’ll miss the exciting change to summer if you don’t put on that rain gear. Realize that a clean bike in these conditions is a sad bike too. Motorcycles are meant to be dirty this time of year.

Honda NC700X. About $6/day.

The Honda NC700X $6/Day Budget Motorcycle.

Honda NC700X On Gravel Roads
Honda NC700X On Backroads

I paid $6.07 today for the gas I used last week in my NC700X. The bike went to work everyday and a few short trips in the evening. The payment and insurance comes out to about$6/day. It’s a great 65 MPG budget motorcycle.

It amazes me that this motorcycle is not more powerful. It’s a rare thing though; A motorcycle designed to meet needs. Other motorcycles are designed for recreation. This one is designed for some fun, but primarily to economically and reliably move you from point A to B.

It talk more about the Honda NC700X here in a comparison with the Suzuki V-Strom. In short, it’s design is very unique and it gives you all the power where you need it – before 80 MPH. It’s light and easy to maneuver.

2017 Triumph Bobber

2017 Triumph Bobber First Impression

2017 Triumph Bobber in the showroom.
2017 Triumph Bobber On The Showroom floor.

At first glance I found the Triumph Bobber to be a beautiful motorcycle. I also found it to seem incredibly small. This is great news for people of small stature. Maybe it just “looked small”? It seemed about the same size as a Royal Enfield to me, although I’m sure size is all that they have common.

The seat was exceptionally low to the ground and it’s the oddest feature of the motorcycle.

What I like about the Bobber the most is the innovation. There’s nothing else similar. That doesn’t mean it’s a good bike, but it means Triumph put some thought into the project.

How To Change Oil In A 2015 F6B Goldwing

Changing Oil In A 2015 F6B Goldwing

This video explains the process I use to change oil in my 2015 F6B Honda Goldwing. Currently, this includes us 4 quarts of Honda brand 10W-40 oil. This is not a requirement as any quality motorcycle 10W-40 oil is sufficient.

This will change at the next 12,000 mile change. I will switch to Mobil 1 10W-40 full synthetic motorcycle oil. I’ve used Mobil 1 in all of my other motorcycles and I enjoy the smooth shifting performance.

As always, refer to your dealer or manual if there is any questions. This video is for entertainment only and I am not responsible or liable for any damage done if you try this procedure.

I was happy to find the KN-204 filters that fit my 2006 Honda Shadow 750, 2012 Honda NC700X, and the 2015 Goldwing F6B on Amazon for far less than what I pay in the store.

Escort For The Ohio National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 174th Air Defense Artillery Regiment

Escort For The Ohio National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 174th Air Defense Artillery Regiment

I joined with hundreds of other bikers today to escort the 2nd Battalion, 174th Air Defence Artillery from the Ohio National Guard to their departure to the middle east.

It was sad to see them saying goodbyes to their loved ones. The outpouring from the many communities we passed was incredible. Fire trucks raised flags, workers left their factories to line the roads, people were standing in their driveways, families lined the streets, law enforcement groups saluted as we passed, and people waved from the overpasses.

These are great young men and women and I wish them the best as they carry out their duties.