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How To Change Oil In A 2015 F6B Goldwing

Changing Oil In A 2015 F6B Goldwing

This video explains the process I use to change oil in my 2015 F6B Honda Goldwing. Currently, this includes us 4 quarts of Honda brand 10W-40 oil. This is not a requirement as any quality motorcycle 10W-40 oil is sufficient.

This will change at the next 12,000 mile change. I will switch to Mobil 1 10W-40 full synthetic motorcycle oil. I’ve used Mobil 1 in all of my other motorcycles and I enjoy the smooth shifting performance.

As always, refer to your dealer or manual if there is any questions. This video is for entertainment only and I am not responsible or liable for any damage done if you try this procedure.

I was happy to find the KN-204 filters that fit my 2006 Honda Shadow 750, 2012 Honda NC700X, and the 2015 Goldwing F6B on Amazon for far less than what I pay in the store.

Escort For The Ohio National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 174th Air Defense Artillery Regiment

Escort For The Ohio National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 174th Air Defense Artillery Regiment

I joined with hundreds of other bikers today to escort the 2nd Battalion, 174th Air Defence Artillery from the Ohio National Guard to their departure to the middle east.

It was sad to see them saying goodbyes to their loved ones. The outpouring from the many communities we passed was incredible. Fire trucks raised flags, workers left their factories to line the roads, people were standing in their driveways, families lined the streets, law enforcement groups saluted as we passed, and people waved from the overpasses.

These are great young men and women and I wish them the best as they carry out their duties.

Like Being Naked

“Motorcycles bring people together. Motorcycles are like being naked. Just as everyone exists on the same level naked, riding one unites you with other riders, whether they be mechanics or stock brokers, professors or construction workers… The sensation of being on a motorcyle embodies what we’re all seeking in life. Freedom.” — From the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies

Indian Scouts Are Looking Great

I took a break from the computer for a few days. We had around 60 degree days in January in Central Ohio. Needless to say, I rode.

Indian Scouts On The Showroom Floor

Here’s what I ran into at a stop on a ride to Columbus, Ohio. Beautiful Indians.

Indian Scout motorcycles on the showroom floor.
Indian Scouts shining on the showroom floor.

I’m really pulling for this company. My reason for not supporting them by buying one yet is that they just don’t have anything comparable to a Goldwing. It’s all comparable to Harley-Davidson. Beating HD is all fine and good, but until they get competitive with a Goldwing, they’re just pretty motocycles.

Indian is making a stunningly beautiful motorcycle. I’ve haven’t ridden one yet. That’s another ding on Indian. Their dealers pretty much ignore me. Maybe I’m just not what Indian is into either?

Doing What Suzukis Are Created For

Suzuki Hayabusa. Worlds fastest production bike.
Suzuki Hayabusa. Worlds fastest production motorcycle.

“I was rocketing through the New Mexico desert’s pre-dawn light. My only source of company and comfort in this dark and desolate landscape was the machine I was astride. The big Suzuki was howling at the wide-open throttle, singing in ecstasy at doing what it was created for.” – Daniel Meyer from Life On The Road, The Soul Is A Motorcycle