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Vagueitivity. I Don’t Like It Either.

A Vague Post With Mystery, In An Uninteresting Way.

I hate it when someone speaks in a way that I’m supposed to find meaning in. Especially when it’s something like, “Those who REALLY know me would know.”. It’s sophomoric bullshit that the world doesn’t have time for.

Well here’s some of that for you anyhow. Let me explain.

Coffee cup and an exit sign.
Wake Up Call And An Exit

It’s important to write often if you’re going to do it at all. It’s important to photograph often, if you’re going to do it all. So I went through my camera cards and this is the only photo that wasn’t trash. To me, it has meaning.

I woke up one morning(hence the coffee) and I made an exit. The exit is the part I’m not talking much about. I’m not talking about it because in order to pursue a goal, I’ve found it unproductive to discuss said goal. I read that a study proved that talking about a goal produced an effect on your psyche that it was already done. This causes you to abandon that goal.

I will say that I made major changes. I’m pursuing more artistic endeavors. Challenges lie ahead.  It’s going to be interesting.

Sometimes The Universe Gives You A PT Cruiser

Before I start this article, if you own a PT Cruiser, don’t read this. You’ll only be enraged at the fact that you own one or the fact that I dislike these disappointments of the American car industry.

A Little About Trash And Bad Products

McDonald's trash.
McDonald’s trash is everywhere.

You’ll never see Rolex boxes just thrown around outside of a jewelry store. That goes for just about anything of quality. Trash just rarely follows with something of real value.

Low value, the trash will be everywhere. Compare an area with a high volume of low value businesses. The big box stores, fast food, check cashing stores, etc. Trash is always laying everywhere. Even in more upscale neighborhoods, this fact remains true. Trash seems to attract trash.

The PT Cruiser

The PT Cruiser is a iconic piece of trash now too. In it’s concept phase it was an exciting idea. An old hotrod style panel wagon brought to the modern world. Turn-key coolness for the masses! The artists renderings of the project were enticing.

Then, Chrysler gave the world nothing more than a compact Neon with a miniaturized replica of an old panel wagon. It sucked, but many still bought it. For a short time, they were very popular. The quality was bad and got worse with every production year.

The PT Cruiser became a cheap used car, but expensive to operate with it’s many mechanical deficiencies. In 2017, nobody wants a PT Cruiser. If you have one, you’re probably not in a good place.

Ya Prick!

If I just insulted you, feel comforted that a fellow PT Cruiser driver has already screamed, “Ya Prick!” at me.

As I crossed a well-marked crosswalk, a dirtbag in a PT Cruiser picked up speed and nearly struck me. I turned to look at him as he came to a stop a few feet from me and yelled, “I wasn’t going to hit you ya prick!”. Immediately, I swelled with anger and I just stared in this substandard fake vinyl wood stickered  wagon.

The pilot of this wondermobile had a “Beer And Titties!” trucker hat on. I’d put his haircut about 8 months overdue. He was unshaven for quite a few days with a failing goatee. He was smoking a cigarette and empty packs were laying everywhere among other trash.

As I pulled my camera up to snap a photo of this ridiculous sight, he sped off. My anger was instantly gone. This dirtball was darting around in his own self-created hell. The universe just gave him a car that could have been custom made for him.

Life Can Be Like That

It’s good to look at a dirtball wallowing in misery in his PT Cruiser. It’s a reminder that we created our own circumstances, his were just so exaggerated and compressed into this intense moment, that it was simple to get a big picture fast.  We’re all guilty of producing our own bad outcomes in some way or another.

I know this scene caused me to consider some things I complain about. Who got me there? Me. Who can change what I don’t like? Me. No revelation here, but Mr. PT Cruiser certainly brings this fact to light.

If your low quality life sucks, you’re probably attracting it. If you don’t like trash, don’t hang around areas where low quality is the norm. If you don’t like your PT Cruiser, find a way to get a better vehicle.

Wise Diet Advice

The only diet advice I will take is this; Don’t take diet advice from fat people or people who’ve never been fat. Don’t even discuss it. Doctors included. Only take diet advice from those who have lost it and kept it off for a considerable amount of time.

EVERYONE wants to be thin. Some remain thin naturally and do not understand the the fight. Fat people would be thin if they had a method that worked. The only quality advice comes from those who have achieved long-term weight loss goals.

The Smiley Face Store

This Reminded Me Of The Store With Smilies

Love stress ball over sewer drain.
Love Stress Ball Over A Sewer Drain

This love struck smiley face stress ball laying over the sewer reminded me of the similar smiley face department store that I hate.

As I continue to watch the smiley store corporation stock plummet and see the truth about their goods revealed, this is how I view that corporation. The last thing I heard about them revealed so much about the level of corruption in our country. It involved huge farm subsidies going to corn, soy, and cottonseed mega farms. The overwhelming majority of food stuffs in their stores are made from these products.

We pay for the subsidies of these crops. The crops are grown, then processed in ways that are poisonous to us. Then, we buy the products at the smiley store. In essence, we pay for them twice, but they seem like a bargain. For some, it is all that they can afford.

I really wish I listened to the “whackos” telling us this 20, 30 years ago.

Out The Back Door

Old back doors.
Antique back doors.

If you can control a mans thinking, you dont have to worry about his actions. If you can determine what a man thinks you do not have worry about what he will do. If you can make a man believe that he is inferior, you dont have to compel him to seek an inferior status, he will do so without being told and if you can make a man believe that he is justly an outcast, you dont have to order him to the back door, he will go to the back door on his own and if there is no back door, the very nature of the man will demand that you build one. – Carter G. Woodson


Anti-Heroin Signs Are Growing

Anti-Heroin Sign
Anti-Heroin sign on a pickup in Central Ohio.

Not In My Backyard

Growing up, hard drugs were primarily big city city problems. Now, the Heroin epidemic is so bad in Ohio that signs of outrage are starting to pop up everywhere.

Why Here?

I have many unanswered questions and so do many. I don’t go to the usual sources. I do not believe the major media outlets know or care to tell us.

I will not even state what I believe because I don’t have physical proof. If I did, I would have nowhere to take that proof. I will say that I find it implausible that I could do a little digging to find answers, but law enforcement agencies cannot. The heroin trade is highly profitable due to the highly addictive nature of the drug and the distributors are not criminal masterminds.

I’ve know people who report a drug problem in their neighborhood and when they question the police as to why nothing is done, they claim that a solid case needs to build and that takes time. That’s a broken legal system and people are growing weary of it’s encumbrances.

Go ask the people on the treatment side of the problem – professional and volunteer.


Billboard Madness

How Many Billboards?

I counted 18 billboards on my 4 mile commute. A few were empty. A few had real advertisers. The rest were Ad Council and government ads.

Old Kentucky Club ad.
Billboard advertising from days gone by.

Photography and just getting older is forcing me to take a deeper look at what is around me. Here are the ads that I see everyday. They will have an effect on me in one way or the other.

  • Recycle plastic AdCouncil
  • Adopt a child
  • Pepsi
  • Join the military
  • Dental work
  • Radio station ad
  • Buy a motorcycle
  • Go to YMCA
  • Buy furniture
  • AdCouncil telling me to get a mortgage.
  • Get a billboard spot
  • Hepatitus C from CDC
  • Ham Sandwiches
  • Garage doors
  • Big Brothers
  • Just photo of an empty bed
  • Empty boards
  • AdCouncil telling black men to be better fathers.

Weird Billboards

So that’s quite a bombardment of advertising. With that much, I’m sure something somewhere influenced my thought process. I’m not so worried that someone might want to sell me a ham sandwich or a motorcycle either.

I find the government influence coming from the AdCouncil and CDC on the creepy side. Should the decision to adopt be sparked by a billboard? Immunization and disease information should come from your doctor right? Why am I getting input for these things the same way I’m sold a ham sandwich?

The creepiest is the empty bed. It’s covert. The intention is to get others to ask why such a lame photo is on a billboard. Then, you dig a little and find out the photographer his lover died of aids. That’s supposed to spark conversation. To me, that’s just weird.

Think about what you see. Apply that to your thought processes. Guard yourself against the seeds of thought that may or may not be to your benefit. Quite a different approach from the photo of a pristine ham sandwich.

Rooftops And Lights

New lights and roofs with old brick building in the background.
Busy photo of new roofs and fixtures against old brick buildings.

This photo is a daily scene for me in downtown Newark, Ohio. The new lights and roofs contrast the shabby old brick buildings behind them. It’s a time of renewal. Bought, paid for, and failing vs. new and financed through the taxpayers future money, bank loans, and grand money with  federal rules attached.  There are always trade-offs.

Someday soon, those brick buildings will probably been demolished. People will complain after their demise and quickly forget how bad they really were. What will take their place? I don’t know. Hopefully businesses that will last.

The Power Of Being Creative.

Today started a little cold and slow. At 4 degrees, not even my Husky mix dog wanted to venture out much.

Dog looking out the door at snow.
Hunter peeking out at the 10 degree snowy day.

I ventured out and scraped the windows while my junk Dodge warmed up.

Scraping the ice from the car window.
Scraping the windows this morning.

I am trying to write more. There’s only one way to get better at it and that is practice. Even on a cold, mundane winter day. Sometimes I think about how I wish I was more creative, but then I consider the competition. What they’re up to is awful.

I watched a horrible movie not long ago. I won’t name it to give it one bit of publicity. It was popular and mainstream.

A tired plot of a troubled young person who is selected by military, law enforcement group, super-hero, etc. who makes them into a hero who does wonderful things. This movie made fun of itself for picking up on a tired plot.

Hollywood throws in making fun of the disabled, promoting every bit of the Liberal agenda you could shove in a movie, demonizing Christians, and  killing a church full of people. At the end, the hero received anal sex from royalty for a reward. I am serious.

This is mainstream now. This is what everyday people watch. It’s not creative and it’s subversive to a healthy culture.

So how does creativity fit in here? If you are a creative person, you don’t have time for this stuff. It is the first full movie I’ve watched in many years. I was happy to see that independent creative people have a good chance at success. Their competition from Hollywood is dead.

Write about your mundane life. It’s exercise for other works. You start to realize if you’re out of material to write about, you need to change this by doing something worthy of a story. Share it too! It’s more interesting than the fakery major media outlets are producing. Take the photos. Make the YouTube videos. There is a  chance you can come up with a content that’s better than these few media giants. Royalty giving out anal sex favors as a prize? That’s what they’re coming up with. Just about anything is much better than that.

We have all the tools. Just quit feeding your mind garbage and start creating something. If nothing else, it keeps you busy and removes the power they have over you when they get your attention.

Managing Expectations.

Favorite coffee mug.
My favorite coffee mug.

A morning cup of coffee from your mug in a warm house is a realistic expectation to have if you’re a working person. It’s not much to ask for. I can understand the expectation of something like this because I have that expectation. In a world as plush as we have it in this modern day though, it’s best to manage your own expectations.

The first time I heard the term, “manage expectations”, was in a professional setting. A client was expecting more than they had paid for. The manager told us that she would “manage their expectations”. I’m still laughing about managing the expectations of others. What a funny approach to a disappointed customer.

While managing the expectations of others is laughable and impossible, you can manage your own. If you set them to high, you’re going to suffer anxiety when the unrealistic expectations never happen. The happiest people I know are the ones with the most realistic and attainable expectations.

Learn to let those little things work for you. If you bust your coffee mug and don’t have any coffee, that’s a manageable situation. If you need an $8 latte every morning, that expectation will make you sad at some point.