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The Historic Russell-Cooper House In Mount Vernon, Ohio.

The Historic Russell-Cooper House In Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Russell-Cooper House On Gambier Street in Mount Vernon, Ohio
The Russell-Cooper House in Mount Vernon, Ohio

The Russell-Cooper House is a bed and breakfast in Mount Vernon, Ohio. The home was built in 1830’s and remained in one family until the current owner.

I remember this being referred to as “The Birthday Cake House” when I was younger. Mount Vernon was safe enough then that I was free to roam the east side of town on my bicycle and explore. As a boy, I often wondered why anyone would need such a huge house.

Most of these large house have been maintained. Some are converted into apartments. They all have “carriage houses” in the back where horses were kept.

There is more detailed information at the Russell-Cooper House website.

Motorcycle Ride To Honeyrun Falls Near Howard, Ohio.


There are numerous ways to make the motorcycle ride from Newark, Ohio to Honeyrun Falls Park near Howard, Ohio and none of them are bad. This map is one of my favorite routes(at least as close as I get Google Maps to plot) that takes you past many Amish farms. The route can be changes to go through Martinsburg and Utica if you want a place to stop for gas or food.

The roads are rural rolling hills and the reward at the end is a beautiful small waterfall  with trails to explore.

Honeyrun Fall in Knox County, Ohio near the town of Howard.
Honeyrun Fall Near Howard, Ohio on Hazeldell Road. 

Living in Central Ohio so close to great places to ride is a blessing for a biker. Relaxing rides like this are just a turn of a key away from a great time.

Here is a good post for more detailed information about the natural specifics of Honeyrun Falls.