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Why Instagram?

I got an Instagram account, but I’m still not sure exactly how I’ll use it. There are so many platforms on the web that it almost makes me miss the days when I would code them with HTML. It was slow going, but at least there was only one platform.

The only draw for me right now with Instagram is the forced constraint of a square photo. It seems like a decent challenge to try to make something interesting with that constraint.

Crazy Women Dancing In Red Shoes On Black Friday

The streets will always surprise you if you pay attention. This lady was wearing these oversized red tennis shoes with a skimpy dress in the cold morning after Thanksgiving.

Crazy woman in a black dress with red shoes.
Red shoes, black dress, black Friday.

She danced wildly and blindly with a sweater covering her eyes. It was the strangest scene.

What made it stranger was another crazy sight of red shoes a while back. I posted about this guy in red boots reading the 10 commandments.

Crazy man in red shoes.
More crazy in red shoes.

One thing I will always credit photography is it’s ability to bring these strange things together in a way that makes sense. There is a pattern to how weird things occur, even if it’s unexplainable. This is reality and it’s stranger than the fiction on your TV. Get out there and see it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

Wild turkey at Blendon Woods
Wild turkey at Blendon Woods

I was looking for a photo to post that had something to do with Thanksgiving and I found this photo of a turkey and it reminded me of something to be thankful for.

I took this photo at Blendon Woods near Columbus, Ohio quite a few years ago. I had been laid off for quite a while and things where looking bleak. I went to work for a delivery company to make ends meet until something came up. Instead of worrying to much about the situation, I went to the park to ponder solutions.

I seen a flock of turkeys and slowly stalked them with the cheap camera I had. Watching them humored me and kept me occupied for a little while. It took my mind off of how dire the financial situation had become.

Things got back to normal and I’m very thankful for my job, friends, and family. I’m thankful for the tougher times too. They teach you to be more humble and simple. Sooner or later, things in life break. It’s good to know how to stay simple and humble to get through them. Always be thankful.

The Mothman Returns

The Mothman Returns. Caught On Video. CLICK HERE !

Point Pleasant, WV Mothman
Mothman statue in Point Pleasant, WV.

I heard about the Mothman when I was young. We had family friends who raised a boy who had parents that died in the Silver Bridge collapse. He told me about it. He believed. At least he said he did as he and the older kids all waited for my expression when he told me that standing next to the Ohio River at night.

I believed it back then, but sorry to say, now I have to see to believe. It is an interesting story though. So many witnesses that you have to wonder what they did see.

Crazy Boots

Red boots with pajamas.
The boots drew me into this crazy scene.

A few of the crazy things I noticed in this scene are –

  • The red boots. That’s what drew my eye to the scene before I shot it.
  • The pajama bottoms in with the dress coat and baseball hat.
  • The sports gloved hand holding a flower stem.
  • The Illuminati all-seeing eye over the 10 commandments. Explainable, but weird.

It just leaves me to wonder what this guy was thinking.

Normally, I won’t post photos of the people that obviously have problems that pass by my office. I work in between a homeless shelter, law offices, probation program centers, the Courthouse, drug treatment centers, and churches offering programs. I see a lot of crazy things from people that are struggling with life.

I get criticized for photographing much of the craziness I see. I don’t care. I photograph everything I find interesting, but I I use great care in what I show the world. I won’t exploit a person that may not be able to control how they appear to the world. If I think that they cannot control how they appear to the world due to circumstances out of their full control, I don’t post it.

In some cases like this one though, it all comes together and a little slice of craziness that can be used without harming anyone happens. It’s incredible isn’t it? All of these things that make no sense just coming together like this.