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Colorful Photo For A Dreary Winter Day

Flowers For A Dreary Day

When I take these photos, I sometimes wonder why. I don’t bother to learn the names or types of flowers, I just appreciate their beauty and attempt to capture it in an artistic way.

Red and yellow flowers at Inniswood Gardens in Westerville, Ohio.
Red and yellow flowers at Inniswood Gardens.

I found a way to use these flower photos. Today is a dreary December day. Winter is just starting so the beauty of snow is not here to relieve the dreariness of the day. Looking at these photos was a visual relief.

The Misunderstood Poke Weed

Some Information About Pokeweed


Pokeweed berries.
Pokeweed berries ripening.

Pokeweed’s name leads people that it’s truly a weed by definition in the name. Truth is, we don’t know much about it and it’s  a beautiful plant.

We do know that it’s a native American plant and that it grows well here. Again, just because it grows well, doesn’t make it a weed either. It means the soil conditions are good for promoting it’s growth. It’s also a very large and beautiful plant.

What we don’t know is if claims of cures for HIV and cancer lie without this plant. Studies are being done.

The plant has a huge tap root and produces a lot of biomass. This means that it keeps the soil loose and that it’s stalks have the capability to hold moisture in the soil.

More Blackberries in 2017

I wrote about free blackberries naturally growing in my backyard before. I let them expand more this year and they will continue. It’s great. No very little work involved.

Blackberries are ripening.
Blackberries are ripening.

The plan is to cut some paths through to allow for easy picking. First, I have to let them expand to make that possible.

I didn’t have to plant these blackberries, but if you would like them in your yard too, blackberry seeds are available. The only test I know of to know if your soil is good for them is that if there is already a presence of some wild berries(wild strawberries, raspberries, etc), your soil is likely good for blackberries.

Dandelions And Rainstorms

Dandelions Are Good?

When I was young remember enjoying the beauty of a yard full of dandelions. When they went to seed, you can blow on them and watch the seeds scatter to the win. I don’t remember such a fervor for their destruction the 70’s and 80’s.

Dandelion after going to seed.
Dandelion gone to seed.

Today, people want a monoculture of the grass of their choice. They want the perfect lawn like their golf course has. Cancer causing agents in chemicals they don’t understand  are acceptable in this war on anything other than grass. If you disagree, you’re a commie tree-hugging Nazi or something to that effect.

I read that early settlers brought over the dandelion from Europe because it was so easy to grow and they found it beneficial to their diet. Modern science proves that they are full of necessary vitamins and minerals. A serving of dandelion leaves has more calcium than a glass or milk.

Dandelions thrive in acidic soil and their roots easily break it up and aerate. The reason they thrive is that nothing else will. What irony. The one plant that wants to grow in poor soil gets poison so that not even it will grow there. I don’t think that society really knows how to approach many problems of this nature. It is something to think about.

Back to the rainstorm to ponder other wonders of nature.

Chives. Easy Gardening. Taste Great

Chives. Easy Gardening.

Chives from my front yard.
Chives. Smell and taste great. Easy to plant.

I’ve ate chives before growing my own and I never new they were a flower. Chives are easy to plant and cut. They taste so much better right from the front yard.

Fresh chives taste so good that I just could quit grabbing a few here and there. I don’t suggest eating that many because it can upset your stomach.

Snow On The Forsythia

1st Snow On The Forsythia

Snow on the forsythia bush.
The first snow on the forsythia bush last week.

The first snow fell on the forsythia bush last week. I posted the first bloom of the forsythia about a week ago. We have another snow in the forecast this week. It shouldn’t be long before the 3rd snow. If the wives tale holds true, winter will then end.

I can hope!

The Forsythia Bloomed Earlier This Week

Forsythia blooming.
Forsythia bloomed March 1st this year.

The Forsythia Bloomed This Week

The wives tale I’ve heard is that there are 3 more snows after the forsythia blooms and a signal to the end of winter. It’s usually close to correct.

No matter the accuracy, it’s always a welcome alarm that it will not be long until we can get the motorcycles out.

If you don’t have a forsythia bush, I suggest getting one. Just find a neighbor and ask for some clippings. Dip them in root starter and stick them in the ground. It’s that simple and cheap.