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Snow On The Forsythia

1st Snow On The Forsythia

Snow on the forsythia bush.
The first snow on the forsythia bush last week.

The first snow fell on the forsythia bush last week. I posted the first bloom of the forsythia about a week ago. We have another snow in the forecast this week. It shouldn’t be long before the 3rd snow. If the wives tale holds true, winter will then end.

I can hope!

The Forsythia Bloomed Earlier This Week

Forsythia blooming.
Forsythia bloomed March 1st this year.

The Forsythia Bloomed This Week

The wives tale I’ve heard is that there are 3 more snows after the forsythia blooms and a signal to the end of winter. It’s usually close to correct.

No matter the accuracy, it’s always a welcome alarm that it will not be long until we can get the motorcycles out.

If you don’t have a forsythia bush, I suggest getting one. Just find a neighbor and ask for some clippings. Dip them in root starter and stick them in the ground. It’s that simple and cheap.


Radishes Like I’ve Never Seen

Radishes were another adventure for me in gardening as I’ve never planted them before. The results are stunning.

Large radishes in the garden.
Radished in the garden.

They are about half the size of a banana.

Huge radishes.
Huge radishes.

I read that the longer radishes are in the ground, the hotter they get. It’s true, but they don’t get super hot. I’d say the flavor is just greatly enhanced if you let them grow for a few months.

Radishes were fast and easy to grow in my best soil. They were so easy that I may try them in some lesser quality soil in other places around the yard.

Thistle. What’s It There For?

The next weed from my backyard for the blog is thistle.

A thistle plant.
A Canadian thistle plant.

I’ve been looking into uses for this one for a while. It does compost well and I’m reading that it’s good to eat. Haven’t tried it yet though. I’ve given up on killing it by natural means, but I will pull it in certain areas of the property.

So far, I’ve found websites that say you can eat it, but most reports on the taste are bad. For now, I’ll just compost them.

Free Blackberries

The results of my research of permaculture are blackberries. I was following advice to let at least a small portion of your property go back to nature.  When I did, I was rewarded with blackberries.

Bowl of blackberries.
Free blackberries from my backyard.

I hope to learn more, but it’s been trial and error with a lot more errors than successes. Error’s aside, it’s been a enjoyable and interesting to try.

Pokeweed. Keep It Or Kill It?

I’ve put up with Pokeweed in my yard for many years. It took some time for me to figure out what it even was.

Pokeweed plant growing in Central Ohio.
Pokeweed in Central Ohio.

The only problem I’ve had with it is that the berries will stain clothing. I trim it away from place where people may brush against it.

The more I learn about permaculture, the more I find that this may be a beneficial plant. I noticed that it has a very large root similar to other plants that I had been reading about like Comfrey. It’s a huge plant too, so it ads biomass to any mulch bed.

Pokeweed is a valuable plant for wildlife. You can read more about this aspect in this article about the benefits of pokeweed by the Georgia DNR.