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Clematis Flower

I’ve been out on my motorcycle exploring for a few days and making photos. Nothing compares to the beauty of this flower in my driveway.

Clematis Flower
Clematis Flower

I’m not positive that this is a clematis. They look like what the neighbor called a clematis and they just showed up on my property. I’m making assumptions. The bees love them.

I questioned whether I should keep including these photos of flowers and plants. Photos like this are not unique at all. I’m going to keep going with them because as I refer back to this blog, the break of something this beautiful gives something to the flow of reading that I like.

The next posts will probably be from motorcycle rides this past weekend to Cincinnati and West Virginia.

Pear Blossom

Pear Blossoms

Early April pear blossom.
Pear blossom in April.

The pear blossoms appeared, beautiful as ever. I wonder every year because the tree is in such bad shape.

My dogs will be happy to see them come again this year. They love to eat them.

Radishes Like I’ve Never Seen

Radishes were another adventure for me in gardening as I’ve never planted them before. The results are stunning.

Large radishes in the garden.
Radished in the garden.

They are about half the size of a banana.

Huge radishes.
Huge radishes.

I read that the longer radishes are in the ground, the hotter they get. It’s true, but they don’t get super hot. I’d say the flavor is just greatly enhanced if you let them grow for a few months.

Radishes were fast and easy to grow in my best soil. They were so easy that I may try them in some lesser quality soil in other places around the yard.

Glad I Found Out About Stirrup Hoes For Weed Removal.

Weeds are one of the biggest reasons that I put off gardening for so long. It sucks to spend a nice evening bent over in a garden removing weeds. I previously thought that the only alternative was pouring weed killer and I’m just not going to ruin my soil and risk everyone’s safety around my yard with chemicals that neither I or the person selling them to me know anything about.

Some searching on the Internet led me to the stirrup hoe. This simple and inexpensive tool easily removes weeds without requiring the user to bend over. I paid about $5 for mine that’s just like the one in this video at a discount retailer and the quality is sufficient. You don’t put much stress on them, so a really high quality stirrup hoe isn’t going to do you much good unless you’re known for leaving your tools out in the weather and need added protection for that.

Here’s a video I found that shows how to use one. If you’re new to gardening like I am, save your back and your wallet by picking one of these up.

Newark, Ohio Community Garden

The Community Garden In Downtown Newark, Ohio
I like the community garden downtown Newark, Ohio. I don’t know the details about it, but it’s nice to see space not going to waste and I can compare how it’s doing compared to my own at home. I like the idea of a raised bed with cinder blocks and as soon as I come up with a reasonable and cost effective way to keep my dogs out of the garden, I’m going to try something similar in my back yard. 
I notice that they use the holes in the cinder blocks for strawberries and flowers. The strawberries will not spread out this way, so that makes sense, but I’m going to have to find out what flowers are used and why.