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Redneck, White, And Blue Chevy Truck

Patriotic paintjob.
Patriotic paintjob on an old Chevy truck.

I know, it has a rebel flag on it. So what. If that’s a problem go read your history. That’s what the driver of this truck would most likely tell you and he’d be correct.

I can only make assumptions about this truck but I bet it’s a safe bet to say that he works on his own vehicles, doesn’t care what you think, and he works for a living. Most of all, he loves his country. You may not approve of his truck or his rebel flag, but he’s not going to take anything from you. He has counterparts that do.

VW Beetle At Rocky Top, Tennessee

I’ve been traveling to the mountains more often now. I have friends there and we love the area. The main purpose for going is to see them , ride motorcycles, and take photos. I just haven’t got to take the photos yet.

This photo from the mountains is just a simple antique car I found in Rocky Top, TN, but I love the Beetle’s character.

A VW Beetle with a few custom pieces.
VW Beetle in well kept condition with a few customized accents.

The Bug’s bumper, headlight covers, good hubcaps, and other things not shown in the photo, showed that someone still really cared for it. The overall condition showed that all of it’s owners had cared for it well enough to preserve it’s appearance. I’m pretty sure that this is a 60’s model, so it’s showing somewhere around 50 years of care for a budget car that didn’t tend to last very long under normal use.

Something about this car made it’s owners feel the need to take good care of it. I can only guess the situation.

I’ve noticed that interesting antiques of all sorts are in the mountains. I’m not one for buying antiques, but I love it when you come across them and they’re still being used as intended.

As a previous owner of a Volkswagen Beetle, I can attest that if these cars were loved and treated with care, they would keep going. The heat would stop and other important items may stop working, but the car could keep chugging along. They were a poor person’s friend. The owners of this one may appreciate that fact too.

A Lot Full Of Junk Jaguars

Growing up in Mount Vernon, I was around many eccentric people. My best guess is that the combination of Kenyon College, farmers, and industrial types of people brought in the inventors and other types of intelligent people that had their own ideas about what would work.

I was happy to find this Jaguar collection. It let me know that the eccentricity was still alive, even though much of the industry is leaving or gone and the farming has left the hands of many private farmers.

Antique junk Jaguar car.
Junk Jaguar sits rusting in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

I have to wonder how many city ordinances he would be breaking in so many other places in the country. ¬†It’s a great thing where you can still do want on property that you “own”.

Collection of Jaguars in Mount Vernon, Ohio.
Row of rusting antique Jaguars.
Old 4 door Jaguar awaits restoration.
Antique 4 door Jaguar awaits restoration.

I found these cars to be inspirational. I’m not sure what he’s doing with them or what the future plans are. Right now, the collection is just intriguing and interesting.

Day 68 365 Project

Convertible black Cadillac sitting in the weeds in a back alley of Newark, Ohio.
Convertible black Cadillac sitting in a back alley of Newark, Ohio.

This was my find for today, a convertible black Cadillac. What an awesome car this would be to restore. Judging from the weeds, probably not happening with this one soon, but there’s a plate, so there’s hope.

Today was the first weekday of decent weather for a long time. What a nice feeling to go out for a walk at lunch and not feel the sting of winter. The streets had quite a few more people.

I got a laugh out of a person that wanted to give me grief about my camera. In my town, just walking makes you a suspicious person. Walk to much, and you must be up to something. Walk with a camera and certainly you should be on some sort of watch list. This gentleman asked in a schoolyard bully type of way, “What are you doing? Taking pictures?”. I replied, “Yes.”. “What of?!”. “Anything I want to.”.

I don’t know what stopped me from snapping photo of the look on his face. It was one of amazement that I did not give a fuck about his position on the matter that I walk around taking photos in this little town frequently. I lost a priceless photo. Whatever stopped me this time, is going to stop me the next.

I prefer to keep to myself on a lot of things and I’m finding that to get the best photos, it’s just not possible. I am starting to get the mindset that I take photos, I take photos of whatever I want to, I don’t care what anyone thinks of that, and wherever I’m at, there’s not much anyone can do about that.

That mindset sounds easy, but for me, it’s taking a while to fully develop.