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Good Example Of Non-Conformity Working With Eric Kim

Eric Kim’s Blogging Strategy Worked

CJ Chilvers took note that popular street photographer and blogger, Erik Kim, deleted his Instagram account.

I got a chuckle out of it. I have all but given up on anything except blogging long ago. For the exception of the occasional Facebook post, it’s all blogging for me. Anyone who listens to me knows, if you want abrasive bullshit from me, go to Facebook. If you care to see what I’m up to personally, go to my blog.

I have always been of the mindset that there is no reason to give your content to poor platforms that you do not own. All of your efforts can disappear at the platform owner’s convenience. The platform owners delete at will too!

In my opinion, Mr. Kim rambles on and repeats himself a bit much for my liking. It works for him though. He is also another good source of inspiration for his constant insistence to buy books not gear. He’s well read on the subjects involving street photography too.

Regardless of opinions, Eric Kim worked hard and it’s paying off. He’s become influential in the realm of photography. Simple lesson.

The Power Of Being Creative.

Today started a little cold and slow. At 4 degrees, not even my Husky mix dog wanted to venture out much.

Dog looking out the door at snow.
Hunter peeking out at the 10 degree snowy day.

I ventured out and scraped the windows while my junk Dodge warmed up.

Scraping the ice from the car window.
Scraping the windows this morning.

I am trying to write more. There’s only one way to get better at it and that is practice. Even on a cold, mundane winter day. Sometimes I think about how I wish I was more creative, but then I consider the competition. What they’re up to is awful.

I watched a horrible movie not long ago. I won’t name it to give it one bit of publicity. It was popular and mainstream.

A tired plot of a troubled young person who is selected by military, law enforcement group, super-hero, etc. who makes them into a hero who does wonderful things. This movie made fun of itself for picking up on a tired plot.

Hollywood throws in making fun of the disabled, promoting every bit of the Liberal agenda you could shove in a movie, demonizing Christians, and  killing a church full of people. At the end, the hero received anal sex from royalty for a reward. I am serious.

This is mainstream now. This is what everyday people watch. It’s not creative and it’s subversive to a healthy culture.

So how does creativity fit in here? If you are a creative person, you don’t have time for this stuff. It is the first full movie I’ve watched in many years. I was happy to see that independent creative people have a good chance at success. Their competition from Hollywood is dead.

Write about your mundane life. It’s exercise for other works. You start to realize if you’re out of material to write about, you need to change this by doing something worthy of a story. Share it too! It’s more interesting than the fakery major media outlets are producing. Take the photos. Make the YouTube videos. There is a  chance you can come up with a content that’s better than these few media giants. Royalty giving out anal sex favors as a prize? That’s what they’re coming up with. Just about anything is much better than that.

We have all the tools. Just quit feeding your mind garbage and start creating something. If nothing else, it keeps you busy and removes the power they have over you when they get your attention.

Great Post About Independent Blogging

Facebook is a horrible platform for a photographer, writer, or a thinker. I like to claim I’m these things. Back to independent blogging for me.

Here a post about independent blogging from CJ Chivers.  I found the links he provides to be good reads on the topic too.

For me, Facebook has it’s uses, but there is just so much waste on there. I waste time posting stuff I didn’t create and so do others. Then we make comments that spur debates. Nobody cares. They’re just wasted time.

With a blog, I can easily go back and refine what I’ve written. I take more ownership in what I post, not just liking and sharing memes to a timeline. I can ignore comments that are useless and expand on the useful. There is just so much more that can be done – even if nobody reads it but me. The thing is, when it is read, there will be something of better quality for the reader.

I’ve tried to give up Facebook before and it didn’t work. It’s kind of ingrained into our social lives now. I can limit it and own more of my own work.

Balloon Chasing From A Year Ago

Facebook has it’s good and bad. Far, far more bad than good, but occasionally it’s useful. It reminded me that a year ago I was chasing balloons and took some cool photos of what happened.It also reminded me that I had intended to put it in my blog, but never did. I only posted it to Facebook. That made my story their story. I don’t like that.

So what happened that day? Tami and I were on our way home from The Shelby Mall. We were close to Mansfield when I noted this beautiful hot air balloon. I wanted photos of it, so we started following it.

Rainbow colored hot air balloon flying.
A hot air balloon spotted over Richland County in Ohio.

I didn’t want just any photos, I wanted a photo of a hot air balloon with a farm or any other part of the landscape. I got the shot!

Hot air balloon flying over a farm.
Hot air balloon over a Richland County, Ohio farm.

After I got the shot and we were thinking about heading home, it looked like the balloon was out of control. It would start going down for a landing, then taking off again. It did this quite a few times until it looked like an attempt had ended in disaster.

Another car had been following it too and thought they had witnessed a crash into the woodline too. Myself and a faster, younger passenger of that vehicle ran through the woods. I was afraid of what I might find. A few times, I had to stop to catch my breath.

Once I reached the “crash” site, we realized that it was a baby soft landing in a field just beyond the woodline I had ran through. I was so relieved. It was actually a celebration with champagne and all. Their chase vehicle was there too. The farmer who owned the land gave them permission and drank champagne with the young couple and pilot.

Hot air balloons.
Happy landing of a hot air balloon.

I learned a few things that day.

  1. I smoked to much and I was to fat to run like that. Since then, I’ve quit smoking. The fat problem is next.
  2. Canon SX50 cameras(and other superzoom cameras) are great. I was able to get the zoom shot, the farm shot, then make the run through the woods and get the final celebratory landing with 1 camera.
  3. Hot air balloons are at the mercy of the wind and landowners. If the farmer had decided that he didn’t want the balloon to land, they would have been forced to take off again and try a landing elsewhere.

What I’ve learned today is that I shouldn’t be lazy and post things I intend to write about on my Facebook page. I own this site. This will be around. Who knows what Facebook will do with it?

Goodbye Facebook

I started to write a long article here about the evils of Facebook and why I left it. I found the points useless to right about because the problems Facebook causes or doesn’t is personal to everyone. The experience differs based on my different personality traits.

The number one reason I left Facebook was that it harms creativity and I’m a creative person. It does that by robbing time. I write less and create fewer photographs because I waste time discussing useless topics with no positive outcome on Facebook. Facebook is depressing too in the overall scheme of things.

All of that time and effort could be put towards my own works. Why should I sit and pump their website full of posts and create an income for them?

The positive I’m losing is the connectivity. The way I see it though, a simple search for “Mark Spearman” in Google brings up my site and people can contact me through that. If people aren’t putting that much effort into finding me, what’s the use?

So in short, I’ve left Facebook to pursue more rewarding endeavors.

Social Media Woes.

Sun setting on a pond.
The Sun Is Setting On 2014

It’s been a long time since I started sharing things on the Internet. It’s always just been a hobby, but nothing has ever trumped the days of actually working to get a post to appear to the world.

There was a time when one had to figure out HTML, figure out how to place it on a web server, and then figure out how to get people to notice that it was there. Usually that consisted of sending e-mails to friends and family asking them to check it out.

That all changed with so many tools that made it easier. Once Facebook hit and people figured out that they too could post anything and have a large audience. It’s so easy to do, that not much effort has to be placed on what is posted. There’s not much thought to it and that leads to a lot of mundane crap from everyone, myself included.

With 2014 ending, I think I’m going to place the constraint of only using social media as a way to tell everyone that I’ve posted something. I’ll take the time and effort to post my efforts on my own website. I own everything here. I control it all . With social media, they own it, control it, profit from it, censor it, and even claim copyright to it. I need to use them instead of the other way around.

If people find it to much trouble to click on the link to see my site from social media, I’m probably not posting anything worth reading anyhow.

German News Website Der Speigel Snags A Photo Of Mine

I took this photo for pure entertainment. I found the oddball truck to be humorous with it’s huge semi-stacks that do pretty much nothing for the performance of the truck. The German website Der Speigel had a writer that decided to take another slant on it.

Chevy dualie truck with giant exhaust stacks.

The first thing they did was to use the photo without following the licensing. No, I’m not going to pursue them over it, that would be silly. I would actually like to thank them for the attention my photos got and for exposing them for the typical modern media that they are.

The best I got from the translation of the article was that the writer wanted to point out that Americans typically drive this type of vehicle just to thumb their nose at environmentalists. It’s humorous, but of course, bullshit. It showed me that the German media has the same lack of integrity that the American media has.

Here is a screen shot from their article about how Americans abuse the environment with large vehicles.

Spiegel Clip Of My Photo


Notice they edited out all of the smaller vehicles around the truck so that the reality of normal sized vehicles surrounding the truck wasn’t noticed? It’s a small thing really, but it demonstrates their constant lack of integrity. If they do this for small articles, it’s only common sense that the really big articles are doing it too.

This type of journalism is commonplace in the western world now. We cannot believe anything that major puts out to us.

Another important point to take away from this is that when you argue with Liberals and Europeans about issues, this type of journalism is what you’re up against. This is the type of journalism that they consume all of the time. They believe they know the issues because they’ve seen and heard it from sources they trust. These sources cannot even write about environmentalism with integrity.

It’s A Good Day To Start A New Blog

Last night my old website crashed for the last time. I could fix it, but choose not to. The old way that I was doing things didn’t fit with what I really want to do with my website, take photos and write. Out with the old that requires constant monitoring, securing, expense, and configuration.

Newark, Ohio courthouse
Newark, Ohio Courthouse On a May Afternoon

My blog has been running since 2006, so this will be another major iteration in the progress of the blog. I’ll put some of the best posts from the old blog as time goes by.

The new blog will focus on life in Central Ohio, photography, and motorcycles.