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Beautiful Simplicity In This Simple Home

Cinder Block Tiny Home

A cinder block home.
A simple cinder block home.

Home Should Be So Humble

This home drew my interest because of it’s simplicity. It’s humble but there is still color and style.  A window with curtains, a wood door, and a color scheme is about all it really takes to make a cinder block building look like “home”.

Not all of us need giant mansions with all the comforts and furnishings that we can acquire. The want for these things can never end . With that chase for what we want, we forget what is really required for simple shelter.

This home was there before the tiny home became trendy.

The Historic Russell-Cooper House In Mount Vernon, Ohio.

The Historic Russell-Cooper House In Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Russell-Cooper House On Gambier Street in Mount Vernon, Ohio
The Russell-Cooper House in Mount Vernon, Ohio

The Russell-Cooper House is a bed and breakfast in Mount Vernon, Ohio. The home was built in 1830’s and remained in one family until the current owner.

I remember this being referred to as “The Birthday Cake House” when I was younger. Mount Vernon was safe enough then that I was free to roam the east side of town on my bicycle and explore. As a boy, I often wondered why anyone would need such a huge house.

Most of these large house have been maintained. Some are converted into apartments. They all have “carriage houses” in the back where horses were kept.

There is more detailed information at the Russell-Cooper House website.

60 Year Old Modern Home

60 year old modern looking home.
This home on 21st in Newark, Ohio looks modern, but it was built 60 years ago.

The snow was a few weeks ago, but it really made this out-of-the-ordinary home look interesting. It’s on 21st Street in Newark, Ohio and there are a few homes near this that really stand out from the surrounding neighborhood.

I was shocked to look up the home and find out it was built in 1955! The look makes it seem much more modern than that. My hat’s off to the architects of that era that went against the grain and created so many interesting designs.