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Boat Plane Kit In A Hanger

A Homemade Boat Plane

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! After the holiday festivities it was back to the fun of photography for me. I was testing some new HDR Software and found this photo of a boat plane kit in a hanger at Wynkoop.

At least, I think this is a boat plane.

Unfished Boat Airplane
Unfinished Boat Plane Kit

A project like this can seem such a shame to set unfinished. You never know the real outcome of something like this. Lessons were probably learned. A dream was at least attempted.

As for the HDR software, I might buy. I have some ore testing to do.

Art In The Skies

Chemtrail Art

Daylight moon with chemtrails.
Chemtrails in front of the moon.

It was interesting to see chemtrails spreading in this pattern with a moon shining in the daylight. It makes you wonder many things. Why does the cloud spread with a pattern of a sound wave spreading style?

I give up calling them “contrails”. The conspiracy theorists are right. They are not just condensation, they are a mix of chemicals. I don’t know what the chemicals are or their toxicity level, but it’s not just water vapor.

I’ll always ask why when I see something like this. I’m not afraid to admit the things I don’t know. I am afraid to just accept the answers given without looking further into the subject. I can also appreciate the beauty of things I don’t understand.  I hope others do too.

Chemtrail Or Contrail?

Chemtrail Or Contrail? Irrelevant.

Forgive me if you landed here looking for information on chemtrails or contrails. I don’t know much about the subject. I only know enough to understand how little I know. There are numerous websites to help you learn more about this debate.

Chemtrails or contrails over Newark, Ohio.
Typical skies with contrails over Newark, Ohio.

When I went to learn more about this debate, I discovered information about weather and aeronautics that I never would have learned without my curiosity.

Alarming Discovery

I poured over material covering both sides of the debate. There was evidence beyond my comprehension on the subject. A person would have to be an expert in atmospheric science, aircraft propulsion technologies, weather, and science to make a validated conclusion. My education and experience limits me to parroting whatever side appeals most to me. That’s not worth reading.

My discovery was something completely unrelated. It is forbidden in most social circles to question matters like this. Blue skies can be greyed out quickly simply by overflying aircraft exhaust and that is not a matter to be questioned. It can look like a game of tic-tac-toe is being played in the sky, but you’re a heretic if you notice.

People become very agitated when any evidence that falls outside of their selected realm of inputs is offered. In the case of chemtrails, anything outside of airplanes creating ice crystals in their exhaust is completely unacceptable.

My Conclusion. Chemtrails Are Minor In Relation To Intolerance Of Curiosity

Whatever is going on in our skies, my opinions and scope of knowledge would prove inconclusive. My opinion/guess is that it’s simply pollution from aircraft that are being given navigational coordinates based on grids. My opinion of chemtrails isn’t that important though.

The fact that I’ve found is that there is a growing intolerance to curiosity. If you’re a curious type, ignore it! Question everything even more.

The Beauty Of Flight

The weather has been damn cold. That’s usual for Ohio in January and I don’t expect much of a break until March. I’ve still been out looking for photos.  Snow, cold, dim light, early evenings – it all changes the dynamics of what I usually do.

So I see this jet coming in low and slow on it’s approach to the airport in Columbus, Ohio. The snow is flying and I try the photo anyhow. It came out looking like a pencil sketch.

747 landing in the snow.
Canay Pacific Cargo 747 jet on it’s approach to CMH in the snow.

Watching it approach reminded me of a hawk I had photographed a few weeks ago that was seemingly suspended in mid-air as it waited to catch it’s prey.

Hawk preparing to strike prey.
Hawk stalling in mid-air to make a strike on prey.


The Patriotic Stunt Plane

If there is one hobby that I’m really jealous that I can’t afford to participate in, it’s aviation. I’ve had friends do it and it’s just too big of money pit with too much risk. I’m not talking about the risk of crashing either. I’m talking about the risk of losing your ability to participate after you’ve invested a huge amount of money. One physical problem, a job loss where you can’t afford flying time for a while, or numerous other possibilities can cause a pilot to lose quite a bit of ground.

I do admire those that forget about all of that and get on with flying anyhow. Those who do it have to possess an enormous amount of love for the sport. This plane was quite a sight to see on the ground and in the air.

Stunt plane with American flag paint scheme.
Stunt plane with a patriotic paint job.
Patriotic stunt plane in flight.
Patriotic stunt plane in flight.

A Good And Cold Day For A Hike At Dawes Arboretum

Today was a windy and cold day which really isn’t all that bad if you’re going on a short hike at Dawes Arboretum. The place is usually crowded, but in the winter, it gets far fewer visitors. All that you hear on a winter day is the wind and the hawk’s screeching.

Dawes is an interesting place that is maintained by a trust from the Dawes Family. It’s a mix of nature and man’s interference. There are both areas of native plants in their natural setting and plants that are completely out of place, like a cypress swamp in Ohio.

Windmill on the snow covered trail at Dawes Arboretum
A windmill on the snow-covered trail at Dawes Arboretum near Newark, Ohio.
Snow covered bridge on a trail at Dawes Arboretum
Snow covered bridge on a trail at Dawes Arboretum.
Winter photo of Chinese Redwood trees at Dawes Arboretum.
Rare Chinese Redwood grove at Dawes Arboretum in the winter.
Rusted gears on old farm machinery.
Rusted gears on old farm machinery.
Hawk at Dawes Arboretum.
A hawk from very, very far away. To far for my camera really, but I still like to record the ones that I see.
Passenger jet in flight.
Jet in flight.

A friend told me a weight loss tip a while back, “At least once a week go somewhere for a long hike.”. It’s been paying off and more than in weight loss. It improves your mental well-being to get out in the fresh air. You see things that may not be important, but that are interesting. It’s a great relief from the usual. It wasn’t like he was telling me something I didn’t know, but the advice made me think to actually plan and do it.

CANADAIR CL-600-2B16 At Knox County Ohio Airport

I still look in awe when I see aircraft like this Canadair CL-600-2B16 landing in the airport in the middle of the cornfields in Knox County, Ohio. It makes me wonder who has this much money and with enough interest in Knox County to fly into this little airport. This plane had just arrived from Washington D.C.

Canadiar CL-600-2B16 At Knox County, Ohio Airport


Old WACO Biplane At Wynkoop Airport In Mount Vernon, Ohio.

I’ve made it to quite a few WACO club fly-ins in Mount Vernon, Ohio, so I’m letting the weather deter me this year. I did stop out last night to get a few shots. I nearly sank my van in the mud, so that’s about all the excitement I needed to find something else to do. If I’d never been to one of these fly-in’s I would have stayed regardless.

Here’s a shot that I did get in between rain storms.

Biplane at Wynkoop Airport In Mount Vernon, Ohio.
Biplane At WACO Fly-in In Mount Vernon, Ohio.