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365 Project – Failed

At day 136, I’d had enough of the 365 project. I’d taken a photo a day for 136 days, looked at the results, and realized that I didn’t like them.

Restored antique caboose in Nelsonville, Ohio.
Antique caboose parked in Nelsonville, Ohio.

The photos were not telling a story. I go out, drive around looking for a photo, then post what I can get. When I looked at the photos, I thought many were ok, but they lacked a story. I want that story to come out. I want my work to be more interesting.

The new direction I’m going to take is something I’ve always wanted to do and that’s video. Nothing tells a story like video. My problem is complete lack of knowledge on how to create a good video.

At this point, I’ve got the very basics down. I can do some edits in Adobe Premiere and upload it to YouTube. Time to start this new endeavor.