Canon Powershot’s Night Mode Is Useful

I’m not much for in-camera special effects. It doesn’t take long behind a camera before you know where the settings should be and the scene modes become useless. In-camera HDR is really bad in many circumstances. More than anything else, once you learn a few Photoshop skills, effects can be added in post-processing with more control.

There is one in-camera mode that I am really impressed with and that’s the night mode in my Canon Powershot cameras. It’s not perfect by any means, but it does more than just mask photos with a special effect layer. It takes multiple shots and uses them to create a jpeg photo with greatly reduced blur. Here is a night photo taken with a Canon SX50.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles lit up at night during a motorcycle rally. 

The mode sets the ISO high, so there is some noise, but that can be cleared up on Photoshop. The upside to this for street photography and other night photos is that night shots can be had without a tripod. This photo was taken in a crowd at night. There isn’t even a blur to the people moving in the background.

Modes like Canon’s night mode are probably available in other brands at this point. It’s a worthwhile feature as it adds to your toolbox for low light situations. This expands your creative possibilities beyond the average scene.