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Burrrr. It’s Cold In Ohio. Let’s Just Talk About Photography.

Go cart on Buckeye Lake in Licking County, Ohio.
Go-cart on Buckeye Lake in Licking County, Ohio

It’s cold, really cold in Ohio today. I was happy to be in a position where I just didn’t have to bother with it today. Instead of braving the cold like a pro photographer, I’m going to set at home and write a post about it.

This photo was taken when I had just bought my Canon SX50 HS super-zoom bridge camera. I was having a blast with it. I was a long ways from this guy. I didn’t want to get close to a speeding go cart on the ice. It was no problem with the 50x zoom to get a decent photo and allow both of us to have our fun. Things like this got me hooked on the camera and I’ve happily used it for over a year now. I talk about that camera way to much.


2 Below Zero In Newark, Ohio Today

I’m trying to get better at photography and in doing that, I’ve found myself on lunch breaks out taking photos while I get a walk in. I don’t want to start finding excuses for not doing it or like other things we find excuses for, you slowly lose interest.

Newark, Ohio is more interesting when you really start taking a close look at it everyday. I didn’t say it looks better, just different.

Today I tried, but at -2 a person’s mind starts concentrating on one thing and that’s the temperature. By the time I finally found something to take a photo of, I was froze to the bone.

Sign showing 2 below 0 degrees in downtown Newark, Ohio.
2 Below 0 in Newark, Ohio

There is another cold day coming tomorrow. I look forward to the challenge.

Deer Portraits.

I’ve been pursuing a different take on wildlife photos. Most people will go out in the woods with these really expensive long lenses and get photos of the animals from far away. This never brings out the true nature of the beast. I find a nice pose creates a better portrayal of the animal. My little Canon PowerShot SX50 HS does the job with a problem.

I’ve done deer portraits before, but it’s hard to get them to smile as you can see in this photo. Click on the image for a larger version.

Closeup of a doe.
Standard portrait of a doe.

I wanted to take it a step further, so I finally got this young 8 point to ham it up a little.

First, he spots me.

8 Point Ohio Buck Deer
8 point buck in Ohio spots me.

Then, I coaxed a smile out of him.

8 point Ohio buck deer smiles for camera.
Deer smiling at the camera.

Then he walks away minding his own business.

8 point Ohio buck walking away calmly.
8 Point Ohio buck walking away from me after a portrait.

That’s all their is to it. Get out there and enjoy Ohio’s great outdoors. There’s lots to see and do, even in the winter.

Ash Cave In Hocking Hills With Ice

Ash Cave is the easiest part of Hocking Hills State Park to hike to. It’s so easy that wheelchairs can get back to see it.

The 700 foot span of open sandstone recess is one of the most impressive natural wonders in Ohio. Add in some snow and ice and it’s even more beautiful.

There is a more rugged upper trail, but without spikes for ice on your shoes, it’s not wise to attempt in the winter.

Trail To Ash Cave at The Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.
Icy creek along the trail to Ash Cave.
Ice at the bottom of the waterfall at Ash Cave in Ohio.
A waterfall forms a collection of ice at Ash Cave in Hocking Hills State Park.
Ash Cave At Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.
Wide view of the 700 foot Ash Cave at Hocking Hills State Park.



Winter’s Not So Bad Yet

Come March I’ll be really tired of the usual Ohio Winter. I miss my motorcycle, but it’s nice to have a change of scenery. Sights like these aren’t all that bad so long as the power stays on for heat.

Land Rover in the snow.
A Land Rover(somewhere around mid-60’s model) makes it to the Hallmark shop regardless of the snow.
Licking County Courthouse in the snow.
Newark, Ohio Courthouse in the morning snow.


Making tracks in the January snow in Newark, Ohio.
Just enough snow in Newark, Ohio in January to let us know it’s Winter on this fine January day.


Just Stay Home And Watch Football? No Way!

The New Year’s Eve broadcast of the news instructed me that the first day of 2014 would be a nasty one. So nasty that I should just stay home and watch football on their station. No weather is that bad. There are just to many interesting things to explore.

I admit to being a little jealous. I’d love to just kick back, drink beer, and join in the revelry that is football. It looks easy and fun. Thing is, when I watch a game, I don’t see a game at all. I see an obviously manipulated, almost choreographed dance with a ball.

The players can barely communicate and they’re millionaires playing a game that there would be a long, long list full of capable athletes that are willing to play for far less money? What places these precious few in such a favorable position?

I see the stands full of approved and licensed fan-wear proudly displayed to show that they really are fans. They like the team so much that they’re willing to advertise all over their body for them.

Sorry, but no weather is bad enough for me to join in that. I like to take my camera and explore what’s left of my once-great city. I like to dream of things that could be done to fix it. The weather turned out to be very, very mild for January after all.

The photos I get reveal a little more to me every time I take my camera. I see more detail in the scene every time. It’s like looking for clues at the scene of the crime.

Newark, Ohio bridge crossing to old Worhle Stove Company.
The bridge crossing to the old Worhle Stove Company in Newark, Ohio.

As I walk to the old stove factory, I pass a few folks that I would suspect to be intoxicated. I am screamed at with horns blowing by passing motorists. I’m on the sidewalk and I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary. Maybe since I lack football attire, it riles the natives? Maybe they think there’s a possibility that I’m not a “fan”? Maybe I’m violating some new law against being a pedestrian? Who knows?

Newark, Ohio's old Worhle Stove Factory
Old Worhle Stove Factory In Newark, Ohio.

Windows are busted out or boarded up, but it’s still there. Do you see those clouds? There just seems something very odd about them. They do make for an interesting photo though.

Rockwood Sprinkler fire alarm.
A fire alarm from the Rockwood Sprinkler Company in Worcester, Mass.
Antique fire hydrant on West Main Street In Newark, Ohio
Old fire hydrant on West Main Street in Newark, Ohio. I don’t know if it’s operational, but it’s ancient and still there.

After poking around this old factory that made stoves that were so good that many are still in use 50 or 60 years later, I headed downtown to see what businesses were selling today. Here’s the shock and horror that I seen in a Newark business window. Art maybe?

Newark, Ohio business selling art.
Newark, Ohio business selling “art” of some sort.

There’s good reason that Tony’s Bar has been going just fine since 1945.

Antique bar sign for Tony's Bar in Newark, Ohio.
Tony’s Bar sign in Newark, Ohio.



We’re All Photographers Now And Bloggers Too


I got a smile out of this graphic because it’s so true. Much to the chagrin of professional photographers, writers, and other media professionals, we’re all able to perform their job at variable levels of competency. The tech is there and most of us have it, it’s just a matter of how well we use it to communicate as to the impact we have.

The hard part is becoming good at using our capabilities and using them for good. Don’t let the media make you feel like you’re not good enough. Bloggers are no longer the stereotypical unemployed 40 year old in their Mom’s basement. That’s what the pros want you to think. Have you made a Facebook post? It’s no different that “blogging”.

Do you think you need $5,000 worth of gear to be a photographer? You don’t. The average $400 point and shoot meets and exceeds the needs of many and it’s better equipment that what a professional had not long ago. Just go take photos of what you find interesting. It’s an easy way to communicate with others and with a little practice, you can turn it into an art form. If photos bore you, step it up to video. A good cell phone will even suffice for many situations.

You may not be Ansel Adams or Ernest Hemingway, but you’re life changes a little once you find the power we all have now.

50 Degree December Day In Hocking Hills

What better to do with a 50 degree day in December than to head to Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills is exceptionally interesting in the winter, but it’s also difficult and dangerous due to ice. At 50 degrees, I thought it might be an easy chance at some winter shots of the area and for the exception of a few icy patches and large icicles dropping, it was fun.

Here are some of the photos from my hike.

Visitors peer into the Devil's Bathtub at Old Man's Cave State Park in Ohio.
Visitors Looking Into The Devil’s Bathtub At Old Man’s Cave State Park
Hocking Hills cliffs with icicles.
Icicles On Cliffs In The Hocking Hills
Icicle Melting In The Sunlight
 Devil's Bathtub At Old Man's Cave
Devil’s Bathtub At Old Man’s Cave
Stairs On the Old Man’s Cave Trails
Upper Falls At Old Man’s Cave State Park
Ice On Cliff Walls At Old Man’s Cave State Park


Nice September Day For Photos In Licking County, Ohio

I need exercise, so I’ve been walking around Dawes Arboretum quite a bit. It’s really nice to walk out there as there is so much to see along the walk. I take my camera and it never fails that I get at least a few good photos out of the walk. Here are a few from today.

Wildflower meadow near Newark, Ohio at Dawes Arboretum.
Wildflower Meadow at Dawes Arboretum In Newark, Ohio
Old corn crib interior.
Abandoned Corn Crib At Dawes Gives Some Interesting Light Patterns.
Butterfly on goldenrod flower.
Butterfly On Goldenrod.