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Get Prints Of Your Photos And Use Printing As An Editing Filter

We all have to many photos not worth printing and not enough prints. With digital storage being cheaper than ever and printing being more expensive than ever, it’s easy to just leave them on the computer. The problem with this is that there digital images just don’t have the impact or bring the enjoyment that a printed photo does. Digital images tend to collect and it’s difficult to find the real standouts in the digital pile.

I read some advice to use printing as an editing tool when deciding to keep your photos. If you’re willing to pay for the print of a photo, it’s probably worth keeping and posting. If not, consider deleting it. If you start printing some of your photos, you’ll get a better eye for what is worth printing too.

With a recent order, I decided to try out some of the different styles of print. I did the standards of matte and glossy, but the new metallic finish, I’d never seen before. I chose a photo of motorcycles at a show and the metallic finish was great for this. Now I’ll be on the lookout for photos that will look good printed with a metallic finish.

I don’t print my own. I work with computers and printers all day and the last thing I want to do when I’m having fun is work with printers. They’re frustrating and the ink cartridges are expensive. I pay a service to print mine. Let the pros that work with printers and images all day long worry about getting the best quality print. I’d rather concentrate on my photos.

I really enjoyed the anticipation of waiting for the prints too. It reminds me of the days of waiting for film to get back from the lab.

The Patriotic Stunt Plane

If there is one hobby that I’m really jealous that I can’t afford to participate in, it’s aviation. I’ve had friends do it and it’s just too big of money pit with too much risk. I’m not talking about the risk of crashing either. I’m talking about the risk of losing your ability to participate after you’ve invested a huge amount of money. One physical problem, a job loss where you can’t afford flying time for a while, or numerous other possibilities can cause a pilot to lose quite a bit of ground.

I do admire those that forget about all of that and get on with flying anyhow. Those who do it have to possess an enormous amount of love for the sport. This plane was quite a sight to see on the ground and in the air.

Stunt plane with American flag paint scheme.
Stunt plane with a patriotic paint job.
Patriotic stunt plane in flight.
Patriotic stunt plane in flight.

Fro Knows Photo. If You Need Entertained To Learn, This Is The Guy.

Here’s another “pro” teaching us to do things his way with a ton of expensive gear. It’s Fro Knows Photo.

From what I could stand to watch, he knows his stuff. He’s real big on lenses and he’s right, great glass is a good place to put your money if you have it. He’s right about a lot of things. You also have to sift through endless streams of him singing and making senseless jokes. The “Fro” loves to pick out what others like him are saying wrong on their sites which fills up time for his show.

Spend some time watching him and if you’re like me, you’ll happily pay for a good book so you don’t have to listen to all of this. If you love rants and someone telling you to shoot RAW over and over and over, you’ll love him and he does have some good instruction.

I’ve only found a few of his photos, but he talks about being published in numerous publications. If I had an award winning set of photos, I’d make them easy to find. He tells you many times to “show your work”, but it’s not easy finding his.

Still Love My Chromebook Because It Always Works.

Photo Of My Chromebook
Chromebook. My Computer That Always Works.

I’ve become a fan of tech that works without hassles. I work with tech all of the time and most of it is constantly plagued with problems that slow you down and interrupt the creative process. I can see why creative types enjoy Apple products more, they just work more often without interruption.

Today is a Saturday morning and I love to wake up on the weekends and edit photos. It’s my time and I like to use it for this hobby that I enjoy. No can do though. I tried to start at 8 am and it’s now noon. The PC is still trying to get it’s updates and it’s doing it on a fast connection! I tried my laptop, it needed updates too. Sure I could bypass the updates or space them out, but I just want to get it done. Normally, that would leave me without a computer, but I’ve got a Chromebook.

While all of this has been going on, I skip to my other creative endeavor of writing. The Chromebook is great for writing. If it’s not connected to the Internet, that’s actually all that it’s really good for. It’s even better when it’s not connected because it eliminates distractions.

Sure, Chromebooks are horrible at things that PC’s do better, but what good is that when you can’t get a PC to run reliably? If you get off the Microsoft products and switch to Google’s cloud products, they work great with your PC and everything is available to you no matter where you are.

It’s a $250 computer that works more often than an more expensive PC. It goes anywhere and has a long battery life. You could want more, but much of the time, you don’t need more. I wish more people that request me to fix their computers would consider this option.

Finding Patterns To Create Photo Compositions

I never thought about it before reading some books on photo composition, but patterns make interesting photos. They are all over the place once you realize that a photographer should be looking for them.

This one is the Fibonacci type of pattern that’s found in a sunflower.

Pattern In A Sunflower

Black and white can bring out the shapes in a pattern, so frequently I do the conversion. Others may lean towards showing the flower. For me, it’s just my style to go for whatever is the most interesting. Everyone has seen sunflowers in color many times, but when the color is removed the shapes are more pronounced.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles lined up in a row on a street.
Harley-Davidsons Lined Up In A Row

Sometimes cool patterns just kind of jump out at you when you’re looking for them. I was crossing the street in Roscoe Village near Coshocton, Ohio when I noticed this line or Harley-Davidsons with fairings.

Try keeping an eye out for patterns and give it a try.

I Bought A Canon T5i DSLR Because It’s Awesome.

I don’t like to write much about the technical aspects of cameras because equipment really isn’t where attention should be focused for amateur photographers(or pros either for that matter). I will write about equipment when I’ve bought a new camera or to show that lesser cameras do have unique advantages. I bought a Canon Rebel T5i Digital SLR Camera and 18-55mm EF-S IS STM Lens Kit recently and I’ll tell you why.

So I had $750 I wanted to put towards my photography. I didn’t have time really to use the money for a photographic experience like I would like to. My old 20D that I bought used was doing ok, but there are a few modern advances that make the Canon T5i more desirable.

  • Live view.
  • A live view screen that swivels which is great for my style of shooting.
  • A live view screen that doubles as a great touch screen menu system
  • The ability to touch the screen to choose a focus point.
  • STM lens with image stabilization which reduces the need to carry a tripod.

I like the general look and feel of the camera too, but that’s a personal thing. Overall, I think the camera was worth the money. If a person was set on buying a DSLR, I would recommend this one for most people. I choose Canon because they’re the easiest to find used lenses for and I love their menu system. Other brands are good too, I’m just not that familiar with them.

The number one reason that an amateur would want a DSLR, it’s interchangeable lenses. Yes, the new 4/3 cameras have them, but lack the vast array of choices that a standard DSLR has available. The main reason I like good glass is the ability to produce the ever-popular Bokeh.

The first image I liked from my Canon T5i. with it’s 18-55mm STM lens.

Bokeh is a term to describe the use of blurred area in an artistic way to highlight a subject and detract from the rest of the image. You can do this with lesser cameras, but lenses available for DSLR’S just make this easier. My new Canon T5i allows me to choose the focus point by simply touching it on the screen. Nothing is a necessity, it’s just less of a challenge and a little more enjoyable to do.

I would not recommend this camera or any DSLR to anyone who isn’t sure of why or if they need a DSLR. If you don’t know, you don’t need one yet. There is so much that can be done with point and shoots. Advantages of a lower cost and more portability actually make cheaper point and shoots more desirable for many.

German News Website Der Speigel Snags A Photo Of Mine

I took this photo for pure entertainment. I found the oddball truck to be humorous with it’s huge semi-stacks that do pretty much nothing for the performance of the truck. The German website Der Speigel had a writer that decided to take another slant on it.

Chevy dualie truck with giant exhaust stacks.

The first thing they did was to use the photo without following the licensing. No, I’m not going to pursue them over it, that would be silly. I would actually like to thank them for the attention my photos got and for exposing them for the typical modern media that they are.

The best I got from the translation of the article was that the writer wanted to point out that Americans typically drive this type of vehicle just to thumb their nose at environmentalists. It’s humorous, but of course, bullshit. It showed me that the German media has the same lack of integrity that the American media has.

Here is a screen shot from their article about how Americans abuse the environment with large vehicles.

Spiegel Clip Of My Photo


Notice they edited out all of the smaller vehicles around the truck so that the reality of normal sized vehicles surrounding the truck wasn’t noticed? It’s a small thing really, but it demonstrates their constant lack of integrity. If they do this for small articles, it’s only common sense that the really big articles are doing it too.

This type of journalism is commonplace in the western world now. We cannot believe anything that major puts out to us.

Another important point to take away from this is that when you argue with Liberals and Europeans about issues, this type of journalism is what you’re up against. This is the type of journalism that they consume all of the time. They believe they know the issues because they’ve seen and heard it from sources they trust. These sources cannot even write about environmentalism with integrity.

A Few Pics From Bike Rides This Summer

I love the summer because it’s the time of year that means I always have something to do and no place in particular to go. That’s how I like it.

Here are some photos of some bikes that have caught my eye out on adventures this year.

Honda Gold Wings. Always ahead of the curve on innovation.
An old Harley that’s been a few places.
The Nortan Commando. Because Norton’s have class.
A two-tone Harley-Davidson SportGlide.
Harley Sportster. The model’s been produced since the 50’s and there are Harley aficionados that still don’t consider it a worthy Harley. I give. I like them.
The custom chopper. Good for one thing. Looking Good.