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Buckeye Lake Brewery Photo At Night

Today’s photo of the day is of The Buckeye Lake Brewery. It was taken using the night mode available on Canon Powershot cameras. There was still enough light left that I could take the photo handheld instead of using a tripod to steady the camera. The feature has it’s flaws, definitely has it’s limits, but very handy.

Night photo of the Buckeye Lake Brewery
The Buckeye Lake Brewery In Buckeye Lake, Ohio

I didn’t stop in the brewery when I took the photo, but I’ve did visit it before. The beer is decent, but I prefer Guinness. The price is fairly high in my opinion, but you get what you pay for and you know your money is going to a local business.

The business made good use of an old gas station. The atmosphere is OK except on the nights when they have a band. The acoustics are horrible.

I’ve even stopped in while riding a motorcycle. Alcohol and bikes don’t mix, but they sell 1/2 pints. Just enough to quench a thirst without enough alcohol to effect your riding. If you have the discipline to keep your consumption at a 1/2 pint, The Buckeye Lake Brewery is a good stop while out on a ride. They sell beer for take home in “growlers” if you prefer to enjoy at home.

A Rabbit In The Front Yard For Today’s Photo Of The Day

Today’s photo, just a rabbit in the front yard.

Rabbit Next To Bird Bath
A Rabbit On Alert Next To the Front Yard Bird Bath

On a day when I lacked the ability to find a really interesting photograph, it was cool to watch the resourcefulness of the rabbits in the yard. They’re destructive to a degree, but even with their total lack of ability to protect themselves(for the exception of being able to run away quickly), they thrive with their abilities to adapt and multiply.

Glad I Found Out About Stirrup Hoes For Weed Removal.

Weeds are one of the biggest reasons that I put off gardening for so long. It sucks to spend a nice evening bent over in a garden removing weeds. I previously thought that the only alternative was pouring weed killer and I’m just not going to ruin my soil and risk everyone’s safety around my yard with chemicals that neither I or the person selling them to me know anything about.

Some searching on the Internet led me to the stirrup hoe. This simple and inexpensive tool easily removes weeds without requiring the user to bend over. I paid about $5 for mine that’s just like the one in this video at a discount retailer and the quality is sufficient. You don’t put much stress on them, so a really high quality stirrup hoe isn’t going to do you much good unless you’re known for leaving your tools out in the weather and need added protection for that.

Here’s a video I found that shows how to use one. If you’re new to gardening like I am, save your back and your wallet by picking one of these up.

A Ride At The Newark, Ohio Strawberry Festival.

Yesterday’s “Photo Of The Day” is from the Newark, Ohio Strawberry Festival. It’s right outside of my office, so I made some time to go check out the event and eat lunch there. I was amused at the reactions that people would get on the “Typhoon” ride. There’s not much to it, so some looked bored while others were still thrilled.

Riders on amusement ride.
Riders on the “Typhoon” At The Newark, Ohio Strawberry Festival.

Motorcycle At Night

I let time run out to take my photo of the day. Night fell, so I was looking for a good night shot. I was on my motorcycle and the only camera on me was my Canon G15. I tried a few different street shots, but I didn’t come up with anything interesting. The only interesting thing I could think of was the Honda Shadow I was sitting on.

I didn’t get exactly what I had in my mind, but I came close. This photo took a 2 second exposure with an ISO of 80 with a 1.8 aperture. Next time, I’ll try to do with less light noise in the background. I need a little light to bring out the details, but the shopping mall seems to be to much. I’ll try a better composition too.

Night photography is a challenge and I get happier with the results the more attempts that I make.

Honda Shadow At Night
Honda Shadow At Night


Motorcycle Ride To Honeyrun Falls Near Howard, Ohio.

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There are numerous ways to make the motorcycle ride from Newark, Ohio to Honeyrun Falls Park near Howard, Ohio and none of them are bad. This map is one of my favorite routes(at least as close as I get Google Maps to plot) that takes you past many Amish farms. The route can be changes to go through Martinsburg and Utica if you want a place to stop for gas or food.

The roads are rural rolling hills and the reward at the end is a beautiful small waterfall  with trails to explore.

Honeyrun Fall in Knox County, Ohio near the town of Howard.
Honeyrun Fall Near Howard, Ohio on Hazeldell Road. 

Living in Central Ohio so close to great places to ride is a blessing for a biker. Relaxing rides like this are just a turn of a key away from a great time.

Here is a good post for more detailed information about the natural specifics of Honeyrun Falls.

Newark, Ohio Community Garden

The Community Garden In Downtown Newark, Ohio
I like the community garden downtown Newark, Ohio. I don’t know the details about it, but it’s nice to see space not going to waste and I can compare how it’s doing compared to my own at home. I like the idea of a raised bed with cinder blocks and as soon as I come up with a reasonable and cost effective way to keep my dogs out of the garden, I’m going to try something similar in my back yard. 
I notice that they use the holes in the cinder blocks for strawberries and flowers. The strawberries will not spread out this way, so that makes sense, but I’m going to have to find out what flowers are used and why. 

Why Isn’t The Tax Rate On Your Fuel Receipt?

I’m trying to get a photo every day. I wanted to mix it up a little and take a photo of something shocking, even if just a little bit. I stopped for gas, looked at my receipt, and there was my photo for the day. Just a gas receipt.

What could be interesting and shocking about that? Every other receipt has the tax paid listed, but fuel doesn’t. It’s the only purchase I can think of that doesn’t show it. It doesn’t even seem legal, but I’m sure it is as it was a major corporation I bought from.

I’m tired of complaining about these type of things without taking any action. It’s not like I can change this, but I’ve just become a fan of high mpg transportation. I’ll point this out everywhere I can too as it’s not only a problem with fuel, it’s a problem of dishonesty and misrepresentation of taxation.

gas receipt falsely shows no tax paid
$0 tax paid? I don’t think so.
As any person who is awake at all should do, I turned to Google to find some answers to the questions. The first find was just a man ranting about it like I am. Not a polished video, but it’s good to see I’m not the only one who has a problem with this. He is wrong about the tax going up with the price of fuel. It remains constant per gallon until raised by federal or state lawmakers.

Then, there’s this video that attempts to explain how Ohio’s fuel tax works, but leaves me with more questions than answers. It goes into explaining how our dollar has magically lost value, how the pleas to drive less and use less fuel has produced the problem, and although it explains all of the transactions involved, it fails to tell you about the tax paid every one of these steps before the gas hits your tank.

Out of all of this information though, I cannot find the answer as to why it’s allowed to be hidden. Here’s the breakdown just from the $.464 tax amount from this chart showing the combined federal and Ohio state taxes.

13.439 gallons times $.464 = $6.24 cents paid. I spent $48.10, so that’s a 12.97% taxes on gasoline. If it were diesel, it would be even more and commercial vehicles have a complex scheme that pays in an entirely different way. About 13% of my money is paid and they don’t want me to know I paid it. Why?

I could put up a lot of comparisons too. State tax is only 7% for goods, why is gas 6% higher?

If you have an answer, I’d love to hear it. I already understand that in theory, this money pays for the infrastructure. You’d think that would be an infrastructure paved with gold at this rate, but I understand that theory. I understand Liberals want me to pay even more tax, but drive less, then complain that I didn’t pay enough. I understand that Republicans don’t even want to talk about this tax because they enjoy the fruits of it in a quiet way. I know that it’s “only” about $325/year if I bought this amount every week. All that I want to know is how is it legal for them to hide it and why. If this is a good, fair, and just tax in any way, shouldn’t they want me to be well-informed about how much it is and where the money goes?

Just A Sparrow

Sparrow In The Spring Rain

A sparrow from my front yard. Caught the mood of the day for me anyhow. It rained this morning and birds were all over at a furious pace feeding on worms and grubs. I watched them through the winter and they were usually feeding on berries and vegetation. Fun watching them feed on the easy bounty of a warm spring rain.

sparrow on twig