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Day 6 365 Project

Today's Snow
Today’s Snow

Not much to say about today’s photo. It lacks a subject. It’s just snow. That’s how today went though. It was cold. I went to work.

The end – kind of.

This photo may or may do much for others, but for me as an amateur photographer, it does a few things.

  • It made a bad winter day less bad by making pause to appreciate the beauty of the snow.
  • It makes me realize that I need to concentrate on getting subject. Just about anything added to this would have made it interesting and beautiful.
  • It makes me realize I should have spent more time here. There’s a better photo here, I just didn’t spend enough time going after it.

Day 5 365 Project

Cranes Over Newark, Ohio
Cranes Over Newark, Ohio

It was freezing today. The bitter cold stopped me from venturing to far for a photo, so this is what we get for today. It’s cranes up in the back alleys of Newark, Ohio.

These cranes irritate me and they shouldn’t. They should be a sign that downtown business are investing and that they’re optimistic of the future.  I researched the projects and that’s not the whole story. I’m afraid to even write what the real story is for fear of being sued.

It’s a powerful and secretive club putting all of this together. I’ll leave it at that. If you’re interested, do the research yourself. It takes some digging to see how the money works for these projects.

Instead of writing about it and doing all of the work to talk about it, I’m going to take a back seat and watch it unfold. I’m getting older. It will be interesting to watch the younger generation cope with the outcomes of this. Will they learn a lesson about government’s role, businesses role, the press’s role, and a citizen’s duty?

Day 4 365 Project

Newark, Ohio on a cloudy winter night.
Newark, Ohio On A Cloudy Winter Night

To make up for yesterday’s laziness, this shot was done in the cold January wind in the late evening. Not the prime time for a landscape shot, but it’s different. Nobody else is going to have a shot like this unless they go through the same hardships.

Its’ far from perfect. The wind was blowing and it blurred the trees. the details aren’t perfectly sharp. There are a few problems, but this common idea among photographers that a technically flawed photo cannot still be interesting is problematic. Some of the most interesting photos in history were flawed.

Many have never seen Newark, Ohio at night from this vantage point. I like the starred lights and the trails of light from the traffic. It’s a fun shot, not a magazine cover.

Day 3 365 Project

Driving in the rain.
Driving In The Rain

This is the reason pro photographers don’t do 365 projects. If you’re going to do one and be honest about it, you’re going to have bad days where nothing much happens. I’m not a pro, you’re reading this for free, so I’ll post it anyhow.

This is all that I could come up with because I made a mistake. I went for a walk at a popular shopping area and found a cool scene. It was raining and there was this giant fish sign with a perfect reflection in the water on the street. It was going to be a cool capture for the project. There was no SD card in the camera so for the exception of the exercise, I lost my photo. These things happen.

The value in this is the attempt. For all of the great photos you’ve ever seen, there are thousands by the same photographer that you didn’t. In 365 days, there will be some like this that merely document the day and bore the viewer.

So what type of day led to a photo this boring. Even though I dislike shopping and malls, the weather made it seem a good idea to go to one for a walk out of the weather. I realized why I don’t like them. It’s just the unadulterated materialism.

I like stuff, everyone does. To much of anything is bad though and when I look at today’s major shopping areas, they are just packed with stuff people don’t really need. Retail experts arranged all of this stuff in clever ways to draw people to marked up Chinese crap and watching it work is depressing.

The most humorous store that I seen was an Apple Store. I’ve never wanted anything from Apple, so I never noticed their store. All that it was was a bare store with a bunch of tables. The customers were all standing at the tables poking at devices. I wonder what someone from the past would think peering into this store?

I went to the bookstore like I always do. If there’s anything honorable worth buying at a mall, it would be knowledge. I almost bought this book by Joel Meyerowitz. I just could bring myself to do it though because I know I’ll find it cheaper online. Even the bookstore seems pointless in the modern world.

This failed day was worth it though. I’m on a mission to find more interesting places with people. Places that don’t have have mall cops. Places that don’t have to lure you in with fancy displays because they have stuff you need. I’ll be on the lookout.

Day 2 365 Project

I’m going to cheat a little on some days and only process an old photo on some days. This is one of those days.

Hocking Hills Rock House
The Rock House at Hocking Hills in Ohio.

This is another photo of The Rock House in Hocking Hills in Ohio. Yesterday I posted a color version from a different camera. This one is from a Canon G15. I chose black and white to highlight the shapes and the interesting light.

If I could be in the Hocking Hills everyday, this project would be simple.

Day 1 365 Project – Rock House

The Rock House in Hocking Hills State Park
The Rock House in Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.

This is the first photo of what I’ve heard called a “365 Project”. I’ll take one photo a day for 365 days.

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, I think it’s better to have a New Year’s project. It’s more productive to attempt a large project for a year than it is to set yourself up for failure in my opinion, so I’m going to attempt to take 1 good photo a day.

I’ve seen others do these projects and the project in and of itself usually isn’t that impressive. It’s simply to difficult to produce one stunning image everyday. What I do notice with these projects is that they generally produce a few really good photos and the photographer’s skills improve.

I’m going to try to write a little about the photos too. Considering we now have the capability to write words that can be seen by the whole world instantaneously, I rank the ability to write high and worthy of daily practice.

This photo of the Rock House was taken on January 1, 2015. Tami and I wanted to get out for a hike and I wanted to try another shot at the Rock House. It’s still not exactly what I want, but I’m getting closer.

The Old Trees At Dysart Park In Ohio

Ancient trees at Dysart Woods.
Ancient trees at Dysart Woods Park in Belmont County, Ohio.

I read about the trees at Dysart Woods Park in Ohio and decided to check them out. It was awesome to be standing in the oldest forest in Ohio with these huge trees. They made one feel small.

There was one undeniable fact though. They were so old they were dying. Dead timber was everywhere.

Massive Oak Tree
Massive oak tree in Dysart Park in Ohio.

In all of the posts that I read concerning the effects that coal mining may have in the area, they never mentioned just how poor of condition that these trees are already in. They’ll tell you that the coal companies are going to kill off 400 year old trees for shock value, but forget to tell you that these trees are falling over on their own already.

The Ohio State government has granted the coal company the permit to mine under sections of Dysart, so we’ll find out how this goes over the years to come.

Shining Some Light On History

I can understand where genealogy research can bore some people. If you catch the bug though, I highly recommend following through with the project. My research led to many ancestors being buried in this simple church yard in Condit, Ohio.

Mount Pleasant Church
Mount Pleasant Church in Condit, Ohio.

This was the church of my ancestors and many of them are buried here. All of their farms were nearby.

According to the historical records of these folks, the new revisionists version of history missed them somehow. Not much white privilege were they bestowed. The were simple farmers and a few found their way to the battlefields according to the tombstones.

This is why I find genealogy to be important. When you see the records and get to know your real history, you see the lies their selling you today.