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Out Of The Office

OOTO – Out Of The Office Indefinetly

A van wheel.
Van wheel.

Not long ago, I woke up and realized that I was spending a large portion of my life in an office environment that didn’t suit me well. I made the decision to leave it and pursue other endeavors. I sent an e-mail and the office ordeal was over.

Now, I’m out learning and earning in the gig economy, creating web content, and doing photography work. I am permanently out of the office. I’m happy.

Exactly what I’m doing will show in my future work. The easiest and most prominent gig is ridesharing. I don’t know why it’s called ridesharing. Customers pay me to provide transportation. Cell phone apps are used to accomplish this in a very efficient manner. Anyone with a cell phone, clean criminal and driving record, and a good vehicle can do this job. Profitability is a challenge and it’s not for everyone.

The companies that own the apps run promotions to encourage referrals. I’m not going to do it. Everyone knows the service exists, so a rider referral doesn’t make sense to me. I know very few people that are good fit for this occupation, so I’m not going to promote the driver referrals. I get the option to keep my integrity. I have other options to increase my income.

I’m out of the office because I want to be outside experiencing life again. I have my camera at the ready. I write. I observe. I talk to my customers who want conversations during their ride. Life is good.

This article marks a big changing point in life and lifestyle. I will have more stories, more photos, and more viewpoints to share.

Colorful Photo For A Dreary Winter Day

Flowers For A Dreary Day

When I take these photos, I sometimes wonder why. I don’t bother to learn the names or types of flowers, I just appreciate their beauty and attempt to capture it in an artistic way.

Red and yellow flowers at Inniswood Gardens in Westerville, Ohio.
Red and yellow flowers at Inniswood Gardens.

I found a way to use these flower photos. Today is a dreary December day. Winter is just starting so the beauty of snow is not here to relieve the dreariness of the day. Looking at these photos was a visual relief.

The Ice Cream Shop Of Death

The Ice Cream Shop Of Death

I found this ice cream shop in the Franklinton area of Columbus, Ohio. Ice cream shops are where little hopes and dreams come to life after starting as frozen deliciousness that we all love. Combining that with death, just seemed an odd parity.

Death themed ice cream shop.
The Ice Cream Shop Of Death in Franklinton, Ohio.

I fully expect this to be torn down as soon as the massive downtown expansion reaches this derelict area. Glad to have a photo of it before it goes.

Here is a link for more photos of Columbus, Ohio and Franklin County.

Star Trek Art Cars And Other Thoughts

This Star Trek Art Car Made Me Think

I know people will take my thoughts on this the wrong way, but take it from the positive tone please. I like art and I like cars. Some art and and some cars I like better than others, but’s it’s rarely a bad thing to combine the 2. I smiled when I seen this space toy themed art on a VW van.

VW Van with space toy themed art.
Space Toy Themed Art Car

The controversial part of my thoughts on this are that it was parked in the most Liberal section of a Liberal area in Columbus, Ohio; The Short North. The crowd that make this type of art in this area whine and bitch about how there is never enough for their causes, yet find time and resources to glue toys all over a van.

In my opinion, a world with enough time to glue toys all over a van, really isn’t that oppressed.

Vagueitivity. I Don’t Like It Either.

A Vague Post With Mystery, In An Uninteresting Way.

I hate it when someone speaks in a way that I’m supposed to find meaning in. Especially when it’s something like, “Those who REALLY know me would know.”. It’s sophomoric bullshit that the world doesn’t have time for.

Well here’s some of that for you anyhow. Let me explain.

Coffee cup and an exit sign.
Wake Up Call And An Exit

It’s important to write often if you’re going to do it at all. It’s important to photograph often, if you’re going to do it all. So I went through my camera cards and this is the only photo that wasn’t trash. To me, it has meaning.

I woke up one morning(hence the coffee) and I made an exit. The exit is the part I’m not talking much about. I’m not talking about it because in order to pursue a goal, I’ve found it unproductive to discuss said goal. I read that a study proved that talking about a goal produced an effect on your psyche that it was already done. This causes you to abandon that goal.

I will say that I made major changes. I’m pursuing more artistic endeavors. Challenges lie ahead.  It’s going to be interesting.

Corvette Attitude

That Corvette Attitude

Corvette with a personalized plate.
Corvette with personalized license plate showing attitude.

I’ve found that people buy Corvettes to either express themselves or for speed. Either way is fine with me too.

The “Phat Ass” Corvette was driving respectfully and was causing no problems. I had to shake my head as to why he’d pay extra for this license plate. Of all the things to put on your Corvette, why “Phat Ass“?

New HDR Photos

New HDR Photos

With winter coming, I’ve had time to create some more HDR photos. I some people enjoy these so I am letting you know new photos are available.

All of my photos are now available for easy purchase too! Just click on the photos to find out more.

The tunnel in Howard, Ohio.
Howard, Ohio bicycle path tunnel.
Downtown Shawnee, Ohio
Downtown Shawnee, Ohio.

I’ve added some software to improve the speed of creating HDR photos and the quality is better too. It’s an interesting look and an enjoyable challenge to create these unique images.

Boat Plane Kit In A Hanger

A Homemade Boat Plane

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! After the holiday festivities it was back to the fun of photography for me. I was testing some new HDR Software and found this photo of a boat plane kit in a hanger at Wynkoop.

At least, I think this is a boat plane.

Unfished Boat Airplane
Unfinished Boat Plane Kit

A project like this can seem such a shame to set unfinished. You never know the real outcome of something like this. Lessons were probably learned. A dream was at least attempted.

As for the HDR software, I might buy. I have some ore testing to do.

The Frost Is Here

Frost In The Morning

Winter is coming quick in 2017. There’s always a struggle with old man winter where it goes to cold to warm, then back and forth for a while. If last week’s heavy frost in the mornings is any indication, winter will be here very soon.

Frost on the leaves.
Heavy frost on the leaves. Click the image for more information.
Lady walking next to fall frost on grass.
Fall frost.