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Museums Add Perspective And Create Appreciation

Perspective and Appreciation From Museums

We visited the Alpine Hills Historical Museum and Sugarcreek Information Center in Sugarcreek, Ohio. These things caught my eye as the printing equipment and cameras relate to what I work with today.

I work in the printing industry, but more on the computer programming end of it. I never learned the history of printing, so i found the explanation of this Linotype machine educational.

Antique Linotype for printing.
Antique Linotype machine used to create lines of text for printing presses.

A simple cell phone can basically do what this did. It simply produced lines of text to be sent to a printing press. A Linotype machine was a little more dangerous as it used and reused molten led to create this lines.

Today, it is so easy to create a line of text for print that it requires very little thought. This might be part of the problem of so much which is printed, but not worth the paper or electronic device that it’s ready from. Restraints can create quality.

Antique 8x10 Camera
Antique 8×10 Camera

The same could be said for this antique camera. In it’s day, this was considered high quality and portable. The cell phone camera is better than this camera in many respects now.

There are infinitely more great photos now than then, but images from this time still hold great value. The same  can be said of many of the literary works produced in the days before so much automation.

In no way am in longing for these days. I am saying that the technological restrictions of yesterday created an editing process by default. There was a sense to not waste the resources due to costs and difficulty of the process.

Today we have the ability to produce low quality because of low cost and ease of production. To combat this I rarely put out a written work without edits and proof reading. I always “Photoshop” images to make them unique to my developing process.

The Misunderstood Poke Weed

Some Information About Pokeweed


Pokeweed berries.
Pokeweed berries ripening.

Pokeweed’s name leads people that it’s truly a weed by definition in the name. Truth is, we don’t know much about it and it’s  a beautiful plant.

We do know that it’s a native American plant and that it grows well here. Again, just because it grows well, doesn’t make it a weed either. It means the soil conditions are good for promoting it’s growth. It’s also a very large and beautiful plant.

What we don’t know is if claims of cures for HIV and cancer lie without this plant. Studies are being done.

The plant has a huge tap root and produces a lot of biomass. This means that it keeps the soil loose and that it’s stalks have the capability to hold moisture in the soil.

The Road To Chandlersville

Road To Chandlersville

Ohio State Route 146 out of Zanesville led me to this abandoned home. The rot was beginning and nature was staking it’s claim on this property.

Chandlersville, Ohio Home
Abandoned Chandlersville Home

I’m sure it’s just coincidence, but this is the last photo posted before a series of technological and social breakdowns of people and equipment. As I sit looking back at what’s occurred since I posted this photo, I have to wonder how things work though. Are there curses?

If there are curses, they don’t last. You work around them. If a drug-addled madman effects lives and livelihoods, you work around that. If your camera or computer breaks, you work around that until a solution happens. Resorting to other resources that are unfamiliar can be educational and exhilarating.

Still, like looking at this home, when you look at the events, wondering what the hell happened is understandable. This was a home that was ones somebody’s place of refuge. What happened?

I’ve got a block of material on hard drives that is just going to sit there for a while. I’m not sure I want to get back into them just yet.

Harrison County, Ohio Photos Are Complete

Harrison County, Ohio Photos Are Done

Another Ohio County, Harrison County, is in the books as complete. I’ve also added a motovlog to the process as a bonus.

Harrison  County was a joy and I’ll be back often. The roads are great for motorcycling and the lakes, small towns, and historical spots provide for many places to explore.

The video is below and the pictures are at this link.


Thoughts And Walking

Need To Start Walking And Other Thoughs

Why is it that we don’t think about needing to walk until we start walking and benefit from the joy of walking. Then, quickly we forget. I’m probably just lazy or something more serious. Who knows?

Boot walking on a sidewalk.
Start walking – more.

Yep, laziness can destroy part of our lives. I seen an energy drink can laying in my neighbor’s yard. Litterbugs threw it there and they’re the epitome of laziness. Think about that. They were drinking an energy drink and were to lazy to throw it away.

I have to start walking more.

NC700X Ride On Ohio 555. The Triple Nickel

NC700X Ride On The Triple Nickel

This is a ride down the infamous Ohio State Route 555, also known as The Triple Nickel.  The road is rumored to be difficult, but as the video shows, with a little care, it’s no big deal.

The video is done from a 2012 Honda NC700X. It’s a very easy motorcycle to handle on a road like the 555. Watch the video and you’ll get a feel for what it’s all about.

Highland County, Ohio Photos Coming Soon

Highland County Photos Are Coming Soon

I’ve got a backlog of photos that need to be processed for The Ohio Photo Project. A backlog is what I want too. This means the project is moving forward at a pace not seen for many years.

This weekend we went to Highland County. We rode the country roads and visited the small towns of Greenville, Hillsboro, and Lynchburg. There is video of the ride and many photos to be processed. Right now, Harrison County, Ohio photos are in process.

Here’s a preview.

Soybean fields in Highland County, Ohio.
Highland County Soybean Fields.

Death And Motorcycles. A Discussion

You Can Die On A Motorcycle. No Kidding.

I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had to endure from people who are obsessed with the dangers of motorcycling. It’s as if it’s their life mission to tell everyone who rides about their grandiose knowledge and wisdom on this matter.

This video explains how I understand the topic and what I think these hand-wringers are really up to.