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A Weekend Out Of Action

Slow creek in Hocking Hills State Park
A Slow Creek flowing through Hocking Hills State Park.

I was sick this last weekend. Nothing fun happened. I didn’t get to explore. It made me appreciate the majority of time that I am able to freely roam.

Feeling better now and thinking of how to make up for that bit of lost time.

Flattered By The Copyright Infringement

The way I was I understand copyright infringement is that the artist has copyright by default. Filing for a copyright merely reinforces the ownership of the works. I put copyright status in the meta-data photos simply so that someone doesn’t claim my photos are their own.

With all that said, I’d probably never go after anyone for taking my photos unless it was actually harming me in some way. I do this for a hobby and it interesting how my photos are used. It’s also surprising when government entities and wealthy corporations take them. As bound up as they are in legal matters, one raises an eyebrow at petty things like this.

Most shocking though is that credit is rarely given. Less shocking is that my favorites are never the photos stolen. I thought this one was oversaturated.

Here is one that I found this morning from

Johnstown, Ohio photo.
My photo of Monroe Township Hall in Johnstown, Ohio.
Monroe Township Hall In Johnstown, Ohio.
Monroe Township Hall In Johnstown, Ohio.

I do appreciate the comments when people tell me that I should go into photography for a living. I even had a boss in programming tell me that once long ago. I still laugh at his “advice” as the guy really didn’t like me much. I’m sure the thought of me doing anything else but working with him sounded good to his ears.

The thing is, professional photography would be a tough way to pay the bills when you can’t even get government entities to even put credit on a photo.

Dollars Saved With Computer Repair.

Rainy Day – Might As Well Fix The Computer

Rain and clouds over a parking lot.
Parking Lot Of The Computer Store

My Summarized History With Computer Repair

I found the utility of computers about 1995. I loved with they could do. I bought one. It was a piece of shit and my history with computer repair began.

In 1995 computers were expensive and they broke frequently. I couldn’t afford a repairman. Me and a few helpful friends were it.

Over the years, actually fixing them devolved to finding bad hardware and replacing or just reinstalling the entire operating system. That soon gave way to just replacing the computer if a reinstall didn’t work.

Now, nearly 20 years later, it seems we may be going back to fixing them. After researching new computers to replace this system I bought 5 years ago, I found that computers really haven’t improved. The expected large jumps of performance in a short time didn’t happen this time.

I bought a Solid State hard drive and 16gb of DDR3 ram. Now I can manage running the Adobe products I use for some time. $400 later, my system is good compared to $800 for a better computer. The improvements are an extraordinary difference in performance.

Conclusion Of Yesterday’s Repair

The repairs were easy and information plentiful. The HP Envy I keep upgrading now has more money in replacements and additions than I paid for it. It’s a close call if buying a 1000+ computer would have been the more economic choice instead of the $600, + $200(power supply and memory), +$400 later to keep the computer going.  I must consider the fact that I don’t enjoy repairing them too.

Time to start saving for a replacement computer.

Plymouth, Ohio Drive-In

The Plymouth, Ohio Drive-In Movie Theater

I found this drive-in theater on a poker run with the Loudonville, Ohio American Legion Riders. It’s in Plymouth, Ohio on the northern edge of Richland County.

Plymouth, Ohio Drive-in Movie Theater
Plymouth, Ohio Drive-In Movie Theater

The theater sits on State Route 61, just on the southern edge of Plymouth, Ohio.

It is used as a salvage yard now and there is a for sale sign out front.

I find it incredible how long these old drive-in screens stay standing after they’re abandoned. I would think a giant flat area like this would be easily torn down by a strong wind. There must be more to their design than meets the eye.


Comparison of Humvee and a Jeep.
Humvee and an Army Jeep side by side.

The only time I seen this previous to this car show would have been when the Army made the transition. Complaints about the new Hummer were abundant.

When I think about how poorly the little jeepa would have done in the warfare to come in Iraq, it’s easier to deal with the fact that transitions are always difficult, even when for the better.

Backyard Birds After A Rain Shower

A Sparrow And A Robin After Rain

Robin bathes in mud puddle.
A robin bathing in a mud puddle.

I like the sound, light, and cooler weather after a rainstorm. The activity of the birds always increases just a little to as they come out from cover. After this Spring rain shower, this robin took to bathing immediately in a newly formed puddle.

Sparrow on a post.
Sparrow on a post.

This sparrow was just chirping away after the rain passed. An interesting theory I read about sparrows; Sparrows are often around man because man scares away many of their predators. I’m not sure if it’s true, but in Ohio, they always seem to be near.

There are certain more exciting and unique subjects to be photographed, but these photos are relaxing and fun. The gear was just a cheap Canon Rebel with the 250mm lens that I’ve discussed about using for nature photography previously.

Shots like these are good training for other photography too. They train your eye and muscles to react quickly to photo opportunities. If you miss a shot of a common bird, no big deal. The bird will return. That readies you for the important shots.

Cup Holder For Honda F6B Goldwing

Cup Holder For F6B Goldwing

The video has a better description of the Ram Mount Cup Holder for the Honda Goldwing F6B.

Cup Holders Save Money

Riding motorcycles cost money. Part of that costs is money spent on the road. Drinks purchased in the gas station add up over time. Instead of purchasing on the road, a thermos can be used to keep a drink ready to go on the road. With this new cup holder, I don’t  have to stop for a drink.

What does a cold drink cost at the gas station now? $1.50 minimum. It doesn’t take long to recoup the cost of this mount.

More Time For Riding

A drink at the ready allows a rider to quench their thirst on the go. When it’s hot, stopping with gear on can heat a rider up more. Fill a thermos with water and a Ram Mount.

When I carry a thermos in the saddle bag, there is the risk of a leak inside the bag and it has to be dug out of storage. With the cup holder, it’s at the ready.

Other Cup Holder Options

I looked into some others, like the cubby hole inserts that sit in the cubby in front of the seat. They are not insulated well. The size of cup is limited to what will fit in the small hole. They do look better, but I don’t ride a show bike.

Honda Goldwing F6B At 10,000 Miles

Honda Goldwing F6B Next To Old Building
My Honda Goldwing F6B At 10,000 Miles

Goldwing F6B Problems At 10,000 Miles

At 10,000 miles, the front brakes are grabbing hard, the front end wobble is worse, and the front tire is worn out already. I’m not happy. It’s time to take it in and see what the problems are.

Other than these problems, it’s a very comfortable ride.