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Hardin And Harrison Counties Added To Project

Hardin County And Harrison County Added To The Ohio County Photo Project

I was happy to have the time to go photograph Hardin and Harrison counties. I am processing the photos I shot now to add to the Ohio County Photo Project.

Hardin County, Ohio

To me, Hardin County, Ohio is agriculture and antiques. Everywhere I looked this 2 things stood out. The corn and soybeans went on forever. Small towns were full of thriving antique shops.

Grain silos at Mount Victory, Ohio.
Grain silos at Mount Victory, Ohio.

Harrison County, Ohio

Harrison County’s most prominent industries are agriculture, oil and gas(fracking trucks are everywhere), and recreation. The roads are a dream come true for motorcycling.

Abandoned truck stop near Tappan Lake in eastern Ohio.
Abandoned truck stop at Tappan Lake in Eastern Ohio.

More Photos Coming

I will be processing the rest of the photos and videos from my short adventures soon.

Changing Goldwing To Spectro Motorcycle Oil

Spectro Motorcycle Oil For My 2015 Goldwing F6B

This is a video I shot where I talk about Spectro synthetic motorcycle oil. I was out warming the bike up before I changed from Mobil 1 Synthetic motorcycle oil.

Spectro motorcycle oil did improve the rough shifting, but that’s not 100% conclusive. Any oil change may have improved it. Overall, Spectro Motorcycle oil seems to be good. I will try Amsoil next just to see if the shifting characteristics change any.

Computational Photography Experience

Do a post about Eric Kim’s view of computational photography.

My Experience With Computational Photography

I myself only recently found out what the term “computational photography” meant. I’ve been using it in my Google Pixel phone, but I didn’t know the term existed for how the camera worked. It uses computer algorithms to take photos rather than an improved lens or sensor. Software does the work.

A flower photo taken using computational photography software.

Eric Kim has a great in-depth article about computational photography.  He summarizes it all well by describing how photography is changing due to this new software and how it will be an equalizer.

I disagree with some points of the article. For one, I think he puts far to much stock into what this is. Nothing will replace human creativity in processing photos. Whether you like my processing or not, it still has a unique look. It is good enough for many situations, but nothing replaces the human decision making process, it’s only a tool that is good enough for many instances.

Photo processes with Photoshop
Flower Shot With a Canon G15 and processed with Photoshop.

I can tell the difference even if nobody else can. There are small elements that I manipulated to get the look that I want. A computer cannot do that.

The problem is that HDR is just an aesthetic. Done right, it’s more than a “look”, but it’s not composition or good subject matter. Software will not get make these happen.

On the plus side, Eric Kim is right that often, the camera software is great and does amazing HDR. What takes a long time to do and requires a significant level of skill, can now be done by anyone. For me, it’s a timesaver when it’s good enough. For others, it allows them to do HDR when they don’t even know or understand what it is.

Mr. Kim points out the interesting aspects that are coming for the future of software in photography. We will be more likely to upgrade the software rather than the entire camera. The economics of this are going to open up higher end and more creative photography to many more people.


Garage Time With Motorcycles

Garage Time With My Motorcycles

Honda coffee mug in the garage.
Coffee and motorcycles in the garage.

My motorcycles get ridden hard. So long as the weather allows, they’re used for work and fun. Motorcycles are different in their maintenance needs from a car. The parts are smaller, more expensive, and they wear quickly.

Tires might only last 10,000 miles and cost as much as a car tire. Chains wear out. Fluids need replaced. Axles get out of balance. Electrical switches are exposed to the elements and corrode. It’s not unreasonable to say that motorcycles are expensive and problematic machines.

To relieve the costs of maintaining the bikes, I keep learning more of the maintenance that needs done. I’m investing in more of the tools needed.  The more I work with them, the more I enjoy this aspect of motorcycling.

The 2017 Solar Eclipse From Newark, Ohio

Newark, Ohio Solar Eclipse

It started with some cloud cover that soon cleared.

Clouds with 2017 solar eclipse in Newark, Ohio.
The 2017 Solar Eclipse from Newark, Ohio. Some cloud cover.

And a clear shot came to view.

The 2017 Solar Eclipse through a #10 welding glass.
Clear shot of the 2017 Solar Eclipse through a #10 welding glass.

I shot this photo using  a Canon T5i , 55-250mm Canon lens, and a #10 Welding Glass.

What Was The Solar Eclipse Like?

This isn’t a post for reader today. It’s a post for many years down the road when I’m contemplating viewing the next solar eclipse.

The eclipse was interesting. That’s about it really. It’s alarming to know that we’re on a big rock spinning through space. It’s alarming to know that there is a degree of precision in the celestial objects that allows for an eclipse to happen – predictably.

When I see something like this, it makes me very aware that there is a creator. The precision of the size of the sun and moon in distance and size is perfect. The timing is perfect. We can tell exactly where and when the next one will be 7 years from now. It’s watch-like precision, only on a galactic scale. A large group of people would have us ignore that and tell us that these wonders all just happened by chance.

Solar eclipse without a zoom lens and only welding glass.
Shot with a 24mm pancake lens through #10 welding glass.

Wall Of Death Stunt Show

The Wall Of Death Stunt Show

The Wall Of Death Motorcycle Stunt Show came to a large motorcycle shop in Columbus, Ohio to put on a show. It was a fantastic show not only because of the skill and talent of the performers, but because it was such a piece of history.

The Wall Of Death Motorcycle Stunt Show Floor
The floor of The Wall Of Death before the show started.

There was no tech involved here. Just circular walls made of wooden boards. As a spectator, there is nothing but a steel cable to protect you from the motorcycle that is spinning at a high rate of speed. You feel the movement of the walls from the forces placed on them. The sound of the engine fills goes straight through you. It’s a unique experience.

Whether you are into motorcycles or not, I high recommend seeing this show when it comes to an event near you.

Art In The Skies

Chemtrail Art

Daylight moon with chemtrails.
Chemtrails in front of the moon.

It was interesting to see chemtrails spreading in this pattern with a moon shining in the daylight. It makes you wonder many things. Why does the cloud spread with a pattern of a sound wave spreading style?

I give up calling them “contrails”. The conspiracy theorists are right. They are not just condensation, they are a mix of chemicals. I don’t know what the chemicals are or their toxicity level, but it’s not just water vapor.

I’ll always ask why when I see something like this. I’m not afraid to admit the things I don’t know. I am afraid to just accept the answers given without looking further into the subject. I can also appreciate the beauty of things I don’t understand.  I hope others do too.