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Megaphone Mufflers And Clarity

Megaphone Mufflers Mimic A Crying Child

At the end of my vacation, I was gathering perspective of a free and peaceful life verses everyday life.  I spent much of that time on a “old man’s motorcycle”. That motorcycle runs so smooth that if Rolex made a motorcycle, it would be a flat 6 horizontally opposed machine much like this, only more costly. I learned much about life this week.

Plymouth Fury
Old Plymouth Fury that was a common sight in my youth. 

This all came to an ear shattering end when I made the mistake of going through what I call “everywhere land”. It’s my town’s strip of retail hell. It looks much like every other town’s everywhere land. It’s poorly designed roads with bad lighting. It’s signs with “specials” for things that will kill you good and quick. We all end up here far to often.

The ear shattering sound was a young man with megaphone mufflers. Not like the rumble of cars from my adolescence, this was shrill cry. He was revving this once-great economy automobile to it’s limiter. Nobody was with him. He was poorly dressed and badly groomed. He didn’t look left or right. The smell of weed poured out of this thing. He just revved and released revved and released. There was no reason. Rev and release.

It struck me that what I was hearing was not unlike a child crying. It had the same rhythmic undertone . Just like a child crying, often, it is difficult to know why. If you don’t know that the child is sick, hungry, lonely, or tired, a person is left with nothing but frustration. That’s what I was experiencing.

This behavior is common. I now understand that the motor replaces the scream in a plea for attention. The reasons are as hard just as difficult to discern as the crying child. Is there something wrong or are they just enjoying the attention that this rhythmic wailing generates?

I think I’m approaching an aged mark of understanding. These are adults though. I can ignore and evade by staying out of the that strip of retail hell as much as possible.

Hardin County, Ohio Photos Are Complete

Hardin County Photos Are Complete

The Hardin County photos for the Ohio County Photography Project are finished.

Like most of the counties in the northwest section of Ohio, it can be difficult to find interesting photos that are unique to the county visited. Happy to say that I found some interesting subjects.

You can ride along for the ride to and from Hardin County, but I didn’t roll the cameras while in the Hardin county. I wanted to stay focused on the project instead of motovlogging.

Hardin And Harrison Counties Added To Project

Hardin County And Harrison County Added To The Ohio County Photo Project

I was happy to have the time to go photograph Hardin and Harrison counties. I am processing the photos I shot now to add to the Ohio County Photo Project.

Hardin County, Ohio

To me, Hardin County, Ohio is agriculture and antiques. Everywhere I looked this 2 things stood out. The corn and soybeans went on forever. Small towns were full of thriving antique shops.

Grain silos at Mount Victory, Ohio.
Grain silos at Mount Victory, Ohio.

Harrison County, Ohio

Harrison County’s most prominent industries are agriculture, oil and gas(fracking trucks are everywhere), and recreation. The roads are a dream come true for motorcycling.

Abandoned truck stop near Tappan Lake in eastern Ohio.
Abandoned truck stop at Tappan Lake in Eastern Ohio.

More Photos Coming

I will be processing the rest of the photos and videos from my short adventures soon.