$21 Mistake On The Honda Shadow Final Drive Plug

If there’s one thing that I’m very slowly learning about motorcycle repair, it’s that there are torque specifications for every bolt on the motorcycle and if you don’t follow them, it’s expensive. I’m starting to lose track of all of the bolts I’ve broke on my shadow, but my last stunt was the valve cover bolts. They were pricey and I had to work like a surgeon to remove the broken bolts.

This time, I round the final drive plug and the damage was $21 for this little plug and O-ring with shipping and that was from a place called “Cheap Cycle Parts”. Nothing cheap about it.

O-ring for a Honda Shadow final drive.
A $21 final drive plug and O-ring for a Honda Shadow.

The manual states 12 Newton meters of torque, but it was leaking a little at that torque. I new O-ring probably stops that, but I thought that making it just a little tighter would help. The plug has the consistency of cold butter and it rounded right off. Lesson learned.