Challenges Of Night Photography.

Lights And Shadow At Night

A lit doorway at night.
A lit doorway at night.

Finding different subjects with light and shadow at night is a challenge of night photography. Choices are limited by what is illuminated. The shadows accent the subjects with whatever angle the light is cast. Natural light takes on far less importance. Artificial light that’s out of the photographer’s control takes prominence.

There is no “correct” exposure at night. The only correct exposure is whatever the photographer chooses. Auto settings rarely give desired results. This is where the elusive terminology for “art” comes into photography.

It’s been a large learning curve.

Chemtrail Or Contrail?

Chemtrail Or Contrail? Irrelevant.

Forgive me if you landed here looking for information on chemtrails or contrails. I don’t know much about the subject. I only know enough to understand how little I know. There are numerous websites to help you learn more about this debate.

Chemtrails or contrails over Newark, Ohio.
Typical skies with contrails over Newark, Ohio.

When I went to learn more about this debate, I discovered information about weather and aeronautics that I never would have learned without my curiosity.

Alarming Discovery

I poured over material covering both sides of the debate. There was evidence beyond my comprehension on the subject. A person would have to be an expert in atmospheric science, aircraft propulsion technologies, weather, and science to make a validated conclusion. My education and experience limits me to parroting whatever side appeals most to me. That’s not worth reading.

My discovery was something completely unrelated. It is forbidden in most social circles to question matters like this. Blue skies can be greyed out quickly simply by overflying aircraft exhaust and that is not a matter to be questioned. It can look like a game of tic-tac-toe is being played in the sky, but you’re a heretic if you notice.

People become very agitated when any evidence that falls outside of their selected realm of inputs is offered. In the case of chemtrails, anything outside of airplanes creating ice crystals in their exhaust is completely unacceptable.

My Conclusion. Chemtrails Are Minor In Relation To Intolerance Of Curiosity

Whatever is going on in our skies, my opinions and scope of knowledge would prove inconclusive. My opinion/guess is that it’s simply pollution from aircraft that are being given navigational coordinates based on grids. My opinion of chemtrails isn’t that important though.

The fact that I’ve found is that there is a growing intolerance to curiosity. If you’re a curious type, ignore it! Question everything even more.

Ohio Winters. You Never Know What Will Happen.

Ohio’s Changing Winter Weather

Back road home in snow.
The backroad home in snow.

This photo was taken last week. The temperatures rose to over 50 since this photo. It’s been a fun winter to find photos. You never know what you’re going to be looking for.

I found this scene with the huge tree and blowing snow perfect for the mood last week. With mid-February approaching, I expect some more harsh cold.

A Walk In Holmes County, Ohio

Super Bowl Alternatives

While the rest of world was pre-gaming for the Super Bowl, I was out taking these photos. It was very nice weather for early February. The walk was good for the bones.

Holmes County Bicycle Trail
Holmes County Bicycle Trail

This is the bicycle trail near Killbuck, Ohio. I walked a few miles of it and found it relaxing. Being winter and Super Bowl day, the traffic was light.

Swamp on the Holmes County Bicycle Trail.
Swamp on the Holmes County Bicycle Trail

The birds around this swamp area of the trail were abundant even on a winter day. I have to remember to get back here on a Spring day.

During the game, I made these photos. I picked them out of many that I took and processed them to what my mind’s eye saw.

Monday brought long winded discussions of a few Super Bowl plays, few mentions of players or even team names, and a long focus on the half-time show. The show starred a lady with a name that sounded like a character for toddlers, but grown men were talking about her. I never did look up who played the game.

I don’t care about about millionaire’s playing a child’s sport or a Satanic lady with a name that would appeal to toddler. I care about the real world and the beauty it provides. Disconnecting even further seems like a smart thing to do.

Everett Field Park Wildlife

Everett Field Park In Newark, Ohio

About the Park

Everett Field Park is off of Everett Avenue near the Owens-Corning Plant in Newark, Ohio. It’s a large park with bicycle paths, a small river, frisbee golf, gardens, and ball diamonds. Sadly, there’s a lot of trash and it’s been heavily vandalized.

Unexpected Wildlife

This view of Owens-Corning dominates the park. It’s smell dominates too.

Owens-Corning Fiberglas plant in Newark, Ohio.
Owens-Corning Fiberglas in Newark, Ohio

If you relax, walk quietly, and start taking in the sound of the flow of the river, wildlife will start to show itself. I was looking for interesting photos. It’s was slow at first. Just dead weeds and vandalized park equipment at first glance.

Dead weeds with thorns.
Dead weeds.

I really don’t know what weeds these are in their dead state like this.

I walked along quietly. I was hoping to catch more photos of deer. This morning was different for my routine. I’d added an extra hour to allow time for photos. I ended up here with that idea. As I went on, I found some government employees passing a joint. They bolted quickly giving me an evil stare. As if I’m the bad guy, to funny.  I’m not that bad. No photos, no drama. I’ve got better things to do.

A few minutes later, I heard the uproar of ducks taking flight quickly. I swung my camera and shot. There’s nothing to original with duck photos, but I like to attempt to catch any bird in flight.

Ducks taking flight.
Ducks take flight.

When ducks just gather and take off, it’s a slow buildup to the take off. They will quack to each other and their body language will communicate that they are about to take off. This was different. One bolted and the others just instinctively took immediate flight. This was my signal that something predatory was around.

I knew I didn’t scare them to that degree. I thought maybe a group of people would be coming around the bend. I looked up to see if a hawk or an eagle was in the area. I heard some geese hissing and then, the fox seen me and bolted up the hill. He stopped to stare at me, probably hoping I’d leave so he could get breakfast.

A red fox.
A red fox staring down the hill at me.

What a rush it was to get the photo! Usually, I just get a fleeting glimpse of one running across the road.

Crow flying between power lines.
Crow flying in between the power lines.

All of this happened in about an hour of just quietly walking and observing. I never left the city limits. The world is full of cool things if you make time for them. It’s easier to sit at a desk after enjoying a little bit of nature. Realistic perspectives come easier. Life just flows better.

The Elbow Lounge In Newark, Ohio

The Elbow Is Now A Health Hazard In Downtown Newark, Ohio

I was never in it. I hear that the city isn’t missing much with it gone. All that matters now is that it’s a health hazard. Bricks are falling off of it and it’s a temptation for a break-ins and the usual problems that come with abandoned buildings.

Back of The Elbow Lounge in Newark, Ohio.
The back of The Elbow Lounge in Newark, Ohio.

According to an old newspaper article I found, the county bought the property quite a while back. Still, other than the added fence around it, not much has been done with it.

The ghost advertising shows that it was once called The Kern Hotel.

Rooftops And Lights

New lights and roofs with old brick building in the background.
Busy photo of new roofs and fixtures against old brick buildings.

This photo is a daily scene for me. The new lights and roofs contrast the shabby old brick buildings behind them. It’s a time of renewal. Bought, paid for, and failing vs. new and financed through the taxpayers future money, bank loans, and grand money with  federal rules attached.  There are always trade-offs.

Someday soon, those brick buildings will probably been demolished. People will complain after their demise and quickly forget how bad they really were. What will take their place? I don’t know. Hopefully businesses that will last.

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