Chasing Sunsets Leads To A Moonrise

It’s a frequent event for my wife and I to head on out on our motorcycles in the evening. This frequently leads to seeing a sunset. Sunsets are nice, but photographically speaking, they’re boring without a subject. The night I took this photo, my subject, a farm, happened to be where the moon was rising instead.

Moonrise over an Ohio farm.
Moon rising over a Licking County, Ohio Farm

The trick with a moon in a composition is to get into a position with a zoom lens where a good amount of zoom is required. This enlarges the moon in the photo. I’m actually quite a distance from this farm.

I hope I captured the quiet tranquility of the scene as it was. I used a Canon 55-250mm STM lens that has proven to be a great lens to carry on the motorcycle. It’s a little large, but small enough to mount on a Canon T5i Rebel and have great zoom capabilities in a camera small enough for motorcycle.


Spring Calves Grazing

Calves grazing in the Spring
Calves grazing in the Spring.

It was getting read to rain on a late Spring evening. I came across these calves grazing as I was riding down an old gravel road. This was in the northwest part of Licking County, Ohio.

They get so curious. I suppose any approaching human at all means a high possibility of food to them, so it doesn’t take much to spark interest.

Light Underground

Light in an underground parking garage.
Light in an underground parking garage.

The patterns of light coming through the opening in an underground parking garage stunned me with the pattern. It’s like finding an unexpected treasure when you find interesting light in unexpected and mundane places.

I’ve learned that black and white is a great way to represent these types of photos where patterns and textures are an important part of the composition. It brings them out. The problem is that I cannot get black and white printed.  At least, I cannot get black and white printed easily and affordably. If I can’t do that, it doesn’t fit in well with my enjoyment of photography.

I am using this one to try out some other techniques that include color, but to a lesser degree.

Early Morning Fog

Fog lifts from a Licking County, Ohio road in the morning.
Rural Licking County, Ohio road with fog lifting in the morning.

Early morning is not a usual time for me to take the camera out, but I’m going to try to do it more often. The warm light from the sunrise and frequent fog makes for interesting photos.

This one is from Peat Moss Road, not far from St. Louisville, Ohio.

Spring On An Ohio Farm

Ohio farm on a rainy Spring evening
Spring evening with rain on Ohio farm.

One of my favorite pastimes is riding in the car or on the bike on the backroads of Ohio. I’m always on the lookout for different rural scenes.

This one is a farm just south of Utica, Ohio after an evening rainstorm. That field will be loaded with corn in a few months. There are some dairy and hog operations in this section of the county.

Pokeweed. Keep It Or Kill It?

I’ve put up with Pokeweed in my yard for many years. It took some time for me to figure out what it even was.

Pokeweed plant growing in Central Ohio.
Pokeweed in Central Ohio.

The only problem I’ve had with it is that the berries will stain clothing. I trim it away from place where people may brush against it.

The more I learn about permaculture, the more I find that this may be a beneficial plant. I noticed that it has a very large root similar to other plants that I had been reading about like Comfrey. It’s a huge plant too, so it ads biomass to any mulch bed.

Pokeweed is a valuable plant for wildlife. You can read more about this aspect in this article about the benefits of pokeweed by the Georgia DNR.

What I Like About Indian Motorcycles

Modified Indian Scout motorcycle.
Modified Indian Scout

I really like the new Indian motorcycles and I’m noticing that parts are coming available to modify them. The exhaust on this one sounded incredible. The retro styling works pretty well with the modern motorcycle.

I ran into this one at The Angry Bull in Zanesville, Ohio while on a poker run for a fallen biker who worked at Jugz in nearby Newark. It was a cold day, but the owner was nothing but smiles. No fairing and 50 degrees usually does not produce the smile he had. There might be something to this Indian than it just being cool.

What I do find odd is the advertising. They’re trying to rely to much on the brand name that really doesn’t have much to do with the motorcycle that is being sold today. They don’t speak of company practices from the old days that are used or anything of that nature. Other than a few styling queues, there’s nothing much to do with the motorcycle of days gone by.

I’m considering one. Just not sure if I want to pay for the showpiece factor and the nostalgia or if I should just by a Victory. I have more to learn about this company’s motorcycles.

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